Building Solid Foundations

Supporting your entrepreneurial adventure from the very start,

helping to assure solid, SMARTER and intelligent foundations are laid for your success.

SME Start-up and Incubation


Laying Solid, SMARTER and Intelligent Enterprise Foundations

It is very sad indeed that almost 20% of new business start-ups fail in their first year, and some 60% of such new and young businesses fail within three years. With over 600,000 reported start-ups in the UK in 2019, that is deeply saddening and worrying.

So, our mission objective is to help assure that new business start-ups – be they solo entrepreneurs, micro or perhaps bigger start-ups – survive and reduce the risk of failure; and that they do this by laying solid, SMARTER, intelligent foundations; and that they are provided with appropriate incubation.

So, how can we help you?

A SMARTER approach to laying solid foundations which help assure sole trader, micro and SME firms’ survive so that over time they can thrive.

SME start-up and incubation services based on five core pillars, designed to provide a single source of end to end professional, business and integrated enterprise services for clients internationally.

Commercially and business focused, practical and pragmatic to help you set up and get running as quickly, professionally and cost effectively as possible.

A SMARTER Approach

Our SME business start-up and incubation professional services are designed to help assure that you are aware of and understand the myriad and sometimes complex business and operational issues you face; and that you have the knowledge and skills to successfully implement your vision.

We have five core SME set-up and incubation pillars which we operate around:


   Plan                Launch                  Incubate

Stabilise                  Grow

We take a commercially and business focused, practical and pragmatic approach to helping you go it alone as a sole trader or set up your new business; and we also offer clients an integrated enterprise service, providing a single source of bespoke professional and business services. We want you to be up and running as quickly, professionally and cost effectively as possible.

Through our friendly, approachable and professional people and talent we provide personalised and bespoke services for clients internationally. Our SME business coaches, mentors, specialists, consultants and advisors bring with them over thirty years professional and specialist expertise and experience, as well as dedicated experience in having successfully established, run and grown personal and sole practices, SME’s and family firms.

Phased and Structured


We start at the beginning, by helping to assure that you have in place rigorous, robust, realistic, SMARTER and professional business intelligence, analysis and planning, assuring that you have in place an entrepreneurial road map and action plan.

As part of this, a critical issue which we advise and counsel on is the financial side of your entrepreneurial journey, helping assure that you are aware of and understand the different business options, potential sources of venture capital, seed and set-up funding; cash flow; and potential risks and consequences aligned with the different options.

Parallel to this, we help and advise upon different business architecture, structural and operational models, and what best fits with you and your plans; and perhaps look at a phased approach whereby potential risks are mitigated by a balanced approach.

Alongside this, we help and advise upon business formation, statutory legal and other such requirements, so assuring that your new business starts life fully compliant and you are aware of and understand the expectations required of you, which may well impact your expectations of owning and running a new business.

And of course, we support by helping assure that you are aware of and understand best practice and key business concepts and issues.

And we can’t stress too much the value of business intelligence, information and data; and how it can prove to be a powerful force in informing and driving your potential business success.

And finally, we make sure that you are operationally ready; from areas such as getting your digital and online presence established; through having appropriate operational, communications, marketing and sales structures in place; the people you need; and your HMRC, companies house and legal compliance and reporting all in place.



We help you go live and begin your entrepreneurial journey; and are by your side as you need us, available for help, support and advice. From helping you stay on track with your business plan, to addressing and successfully meeting challenges and issues you face; to helping you author, develop and capture new business.


At this stage, we still by your side when and as you need us, as your confidence and independence grows and your business increasingly stabilises and matures.


Once you are confident that you can increasingly operate alone, we turn our support and services to helping you not just stabilise but mature your business and operations. Perhaps it is time to look at areas like business continuity management, additional personnel, maturing your business systems and structures, or appropriate and sophisticated business and collaboration software and platforms.


With a stable business successfully under your belt, we can help you grow and develop. Perhaps it is time to explore international markets and opportunities, or you require more advanced business coaching and mentoring. Whatever your requirements, we are still hereby your side as your trusted business partner.


We offer entrepreneurial and SME clients internationally a range of integrated, standalone and added value managed and outsourced SME start-up and incubation service packages. These include:


  • Bronze Level Entrepreneurs’ Package
  • Silver Level Business Start-up Package
  • Gold Level Enterprise Package
  • Platinum Level SME and Family Firms’ Package


We offer clients internationally a series of specialist SME focused business and SME sector intelligence and insight subscription services, through which clients receive weekly, monthly and ad hoc specialist UK, European and international business and SME sector news, intelligence, insights, analysis, briefings, guides and papers.


Subscription services are available at four levels:






Our SME Start-up and Incubation Portfolio

Our sole trader, micro and SME  start-up nd incubation suite of operational, consulting and advisory services encompass:

Accounting and bookkeeping

AI, automation and machine learning

Business administration

Business coaching and mentoring

Business formation and set-up

Business intelligence, analysis and planning

Business and quality management systems

Business networks and organisations

Business and operational reviews and health checks

Brand management


Business equipment

Communications and collaboration

Compliance and governance

Customer and client engagement, experience and relationship management

Customer and client service and support

Digital and online presence

Financial management and funding advisory

Information, communications, computing and technology

Information security management systems

Interim an contract personnel

Learning and development


Office management

Office setup

Operations management

Marketing and communications

People, talent and HR

Programme and project management

Publishing and print

Public relations and communications

Purchasing, procurement, supply

Resilience management


Security, crisis and risk management

Strategic and operational reviews and planning

Website development

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