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Social Etiquette Services

Etiquette is your personal hallmark and calling card; a sign of breeding, behaviour and standards that allows others to build trusted and comfortable relations with like-minded people, from initial impressions.

Contrary to modern opinion, etiquette and manners are neither archaic nor defunct. Etiquette and manners have nothing to do with class or privilege, they are the epitome of classless indicators of being well brought up. Maintaining standards of etiquette, behaviour and manners is the hallmark of a civilised person and society.

We are our own ambassadors and so we should aspire to the highest standards of behaviour, character and personality; without pretensions, airs, graces and trying to be someone we are not. As the wise American jurist Clarence Thomas once said; ‘’ … Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot…’’


Throughout the year we organise at exclusive private members’ and other prestigious venues a select number of private and open talks and lectures on subjects connected to British and English history, heritage and social history; accompanied by lunch, afternoon tea or dinner. So, why not come and join us, and combine an opportunity to explore British social history whilst enjoying convivial and cultured company, along with some excellent dining.


For private clients who wish to experience traditional social refinement and excellence, such as fine dining, afternoon tea and other such social experiences in exceptional, historic and traditional surroundings, we can organise closed and bespoke experiences at some of The United Kingdom’s most exclusive private member and prestigious venues.

Socially Empowering and Enriching

Understanding and demonstrating high standards of behaviour endows both personal and professional benefits. Courtesy, confidence, charm, calmness, composure respect for others, self-awareness, empathy and modesty are all attributes which can foster in others a sense that this is a person we would be proud be seen with and whose company we would enjoy.
No one expects you to know everything and even the best of us are only human and can commit a ‘faux pas’! From the pageantry and ceremony of great state occasions, royal weddings and garden parties; through formal dinners and family home life; to writing a thank-you letter, choosing wine or using the correct language knowing how to behave and what to do is empowering and enriching.

We promote the highest British and European corporate, diplomatic and social standards, blending the best of tradition with modernity.

So, no matter what the occasion or your reasons, let us bring our expertise and experience to help, guide, advise and support you; allowing you to reap the rich rewards which such can come from enjoying the refined and civilised company of your international peers.

Our Social Etiquette Portfolio

Our social etiquette operational, consulting and advisory services encompass:

 Afternoon Tea Etiquette And Experiences

British History, Culture And Etiquette

Communications, Correspondence and Manners

Correct Form

Dining Etiquette


Fine Dining and Wines

Forms of Address

Fun And Relaxed Social And Etiquette Experiences

Hospitality And Hosting

Interpersonal, Life And Soft Skills

Manners – Ancient and Modern

Pageantry, Pomp and Circumstance

Personal And Professional Presence, Polish And Image

Rites of Passage

Royal Etiquette

Social Etiquette

Suppliers of Discernment and Prestige

Wedding Etiquette


The English Gentleman

The English Lady

The English Season

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