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Organisational Design and Development Services


Translating Strategy Into High Performance

A truly deep cultural, diagnostic, analytical and benchmarking exercise into organisational health, performance and productivity.

Understanding the dynamic organisational ecosystem, environment and context with the key mission objective of translating strategy into high performance operations and cultures.

SMARTER, holistic and intelligent ODD services which empower organisational responsiveness, resilience and sustainability.

Organisational Design and Development

The more successful and high-performance an organisation is, the closer the alignment between strategic, transformational and operational agendas and planning, and organisational architecture, design, development and dynamics.

Our ODD consulting and advisory services provide organisations with the opportunity to undertake a truly deep cultural diagnostic, analytical and benchmarking exercise into organisational health; and evaluate how close an organisation is to achieving its full potential.

Our ODD Consulting

Our consulting and advisory services bring to ODD consulting an exceptional depth and breadth of expertise and experience garnered across multidisciplinary fields.

We take a SMARTER, holistic, intelligent and responsive approach, placing it within an ecological paradigm with one key mission objective; to bridge strategy, performance and results.

Using our proprietary BIOS and GENESIS approaches and techniques, we work with in partnership with boards, senior and operational leadership teams and stakeholders to develop your organisational design, dynamics, and developmental frameworks that are founded on five key pillars:


Achieving maximum alignment of organisational architecture, design and strategic objectives

Building sustainable organisational responsiveness, resilience and agility

Leading and driving high deep, performance cultures

Developing a learning organisation

Developing optimal operational efficiency, effectiveness and productivity

Our ODD Approach

Key building blocks of these approaches include analysing, evaluating, understanding, benchmarking and building:

Business processes, workflows, roles and responsibilities

Business and quality management frameworks and systems

Business architecture, design and model

Culture of and opportunities for transformation, change, innovation and disruption

Deep data, decision making, intelligence and insight

External environment, stakeholders and supply chain

High performance cultures and teams

Leadership and management

Organisational culture and behaviours

Operational capability, capacity, productivity and performance

People, talent and development frameworks

Strategic and operational planning

So, if you are seeking support for an organisational design and development agenda or initiative,

let us see if we can bring our expertise and experience to serve and support you.

Benefits of Organisational Design

When successfully planed, managed and conducted, organisational design, development and dynamics initiatives can have enormously powerful organisational and business strategic, transformational and operational benefits. 

As well as the providing an opportunity to conduct a 360, holistic assessment and analysis of organisations and business, cultures, performance and productivity, specific benefits of ODD include:

  •  Understanding the ecosystem in which organisations work and enhancing the ability to empower the value chain
  • (Re) Structuring organisations, functions or business units to enhance successful delivery of strategic, transformational and operational objectives
  • Aligning strategic, transformational and operational objectives with people and talent
  • Translating and implementing strategic and transformational objectives into operational reality, taking into account operational and value chain context, environment and models
  • A deep, cultural understanding, evaluation and analysis of your organisation
  • Identifying opportunities to enhance and empower organisational performance, productivity and profitability; as well as reduce waste, duplication and ambiguity
  • Understanding and mapping roles, responsibilities, communications ownership across individuals and teams
  • Identifying opportunities to re-engineer protocols, policies and procedures, and enhance organisational leanness, efficiency and effectiveness
  • Enhancing business management systems frameworks and decision making


A common question is when should organisations initiate organisational design and development initiatives and projects? We suggest that since organisations are dynamic and continually evolving, so senior leadership teams should have an ongoing eye to ODD as part of their strategic leadership. That said, there are some more common ‘trigger’ opportunities to launch, and perhaps receive support for, ODD agendas, initiatives ad projects, which include:


  • Cost cutting agendas and initiatives
  • Changes in internal or external environments and contexts
  • Design and implementation of a new business or operating model
  • Enhancing performance, productivity and profitability
  • Entering new markets and setting up new operations
  • Implementation of new technology systems and platforms
  • Requirements for new capability and capacity based on strategic direction
  • Restructuring, mergers and acquisitions
  • Transformation and change management agendas and initiatives


Whatever your reasons, why not lets us bring our organisational design, development and dynamics consulting and advisory services to support and serve you.


A key mission objective of our organisational design and development services is to help organisations create competitive advantage and worth across stakeholders and value chains.

To achieve this, we look to develop through our ODD consulting and advisory services a collaborative enterprise network model, which looks do develop across the organisational ecosystem a collaborative, high-performance culture and mindset across stakeholders and value chains.

Our Organisational Design  Portfolio

Our organisational design, development and dynamics suite of operational, consulting and advisory services encompass:

Business Modelling and (Re) Structuring

Business and Quality Management Systems

Competency Frameworks

Data, Intelligence, Analysis and Planning

Disruption, Innovation and Technology

Executive Coaching and Mentoring

Executive Development

High-Performance Cultures

Job Evaluation and Analysis

Leadership & Management Development

Learning & Development Consulting

Organisational Architecture

Organisational Design

Organisational Dynamics

Organisational Development

Organisational Excellence Index

Strategic Business Intelligence, Analysis and Planning

Strategic HR

Strategic Security, Sustainability and Resilience

Senior Level Succession Planning

Senior Leadership Teams Development

Talent Management

Transformation and Change Management

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