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From our roots grows not only self-awareness and identity, but the inspiration, strength, wisdom and courage of our forebears.

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It is through knowing and understanding our family, personal and wider social and political heritage, history and legacy that we are better able to foster our own sense of self awareness, identity and belonging. Exploring our histories and heritages, be it family or organisational, can not only immensely rewarding but also an enriching and exciting adventure. You are never quite sure what you will find, and everyone likes a good story!

Do you know your family history, heritage and pedigree? Are you related to royalty or the aristocracy? Did a forebear win a medal for valour and gallantry, and maybe fight at Waterloo, or Trafalgar, or in the African desert or Burma jungles? Perhaps you would like to commission a life book for a member of your family; or find out about a you links to another family through marriage?

Likewise, the treasure trove of history offers not just educational opportunities for individuals, but to understand and raise awareness of the wider social, political and economic perspectives. It is also not only individuals and families who wish to understand their history but organisations of all sizes who can desire histories.


Do you have Scottish roots? As a proud Scottish family ourselves, with our own specialist interest, experience and expertise in Scottish history, genealogy and heraldry, why not let us research your family’s Scottish ancestry.

For Australians, Canadian, New Zealanders and Americans in particular, this can often be a rewarding and enriching adventure.


We have specialist expertise and experience in organising bespoke family heritage tours across The United Kingdom, offering clients the opportunity to see and explore first-hand the exactly where their ancestors came from; as well as see historic places and understand the historic events possibly linked to their lives.

As well as combining opportunities to explore family regions, localities and sites, the tours provide an excellent opportunity to not only conduct further first hand genealogical research, but potentially to meet existing family and relatives and make new lifelong friends; as well as experience and enjoy the best that British heritage, history and culture has to offer.

Organisational Histories

Perhaps a sporting club would like an official history written for a special commemoration anniversary? Perhaps you are a local society or association and would like a history written?

Heraldic Services

And whilst history, heritage and genealogy can be enriching, enlightening and fascinating, so too can heraldry. For individuals, families and organisations exploring their heraldic pedigree can also be both rewarding and informative. Does your family name have an armorial bearing? Would you like to find out more about your coat of arms?

And of course, there are the pragmatic personal and organisational benefits of genealogical and historical understanding and research, where we seek to make history work for you; from perhaps finding family legacies for inheritances, to providing specialist historical consultants.

So, why not speak to us and see how our heraldic, genealogical and historical expertise, experience and professional portfolio may be of service to you.

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