Supporting Your Entrepreneurial Adventure

Supporting your entrepreneurial adventure at every step of the way; from initial business planning and set up,

through incubation and stabilisation; to successful growth and development.

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Supporting Entrepreneurs

The Backbone Of The Economy

There are over 5.7 million SMEs in the UK, from one person freelancers to large multi-million-pound turnover SME’s. Together, they comprise 99% of all businesses in the UK and form the backbone of the British economy.

It is absolutely critical therefore that SME’s of all shapes and sizes, from sole traders and free lancers, through micro firms, to SME’s and family firms are provided with comprehensive, professional support at every stage of their entrepreneurial lifecycle.

A Personal Motivation

Carruthers Associates’ specialist SME focus is born out two highly personal reasons.

Firstly, we are entrepreneurs with over thirty years of international experience; and as such we recognise, know, share with you and can emphasise with the risk, courage and determination required to successfully set up businesses from scratch; the pain, fear, worries, frustrations that can be felt; as well as the consequent pride, reward and satisfaction that comes from successfully growing, developing and running a successful business.

Secondly, since ‘SME’s’ are the backbone of British business, not only does it make business sense to support such firms, but we feel that there is a moral and ethical perspective; and that such firms provide perfect catalysts for constructive business which benefit not only the economy, but society and communities.

Our mission objective is simple, to provide ‘SME’s’ with end to end life support; and help assure their sustainable success, resilience and operational excellence; and allow business owners and teams to focus on what they do best, author, develop, capture and deliver successful business.

As an SME and family firm, we also know exactly what our peers and fellow business owners want over the short, medium and long-term; notably:


Business Intelligence, Information and Data

Develop, Capture and Deliver Business

Financial Stability

Growth and Development

Operational Stability and Excellence

Performance and Productivity

Reduced Operational Costs, Expenses and Taxation

Reduced Risk

Enhanced Profit

Our Value Proposition

And so, what is our value proposition to you? We bring to sole traders, micro businesses, SME’s and family firm’s:


  • A comprehensive, scalable, flexible, cost-effective and added value single source of business, business coaching, professional, people, managed and outsourced services, capability and capacity.
  • Friendly people and talent who have decades of UK and international senior level organisational and operational leadership, management and specialist, entrepreneurial and multidisciplinary and specialist expertise and experience garnered across government, blue-chip corporate, military and SME environments.
  • We are also proud that we were a United Kingdom government Growth Accelerator programme accredited business coach.


Start-up and Incubation

Business Coaching and Mentoring

People and Talent

Accelerator and High Growth

Managed and Outsourced Services

Your International Business Partner

Delivering Bespoke Private Client and Professional Services

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