Driving Organisational Excellence

Achieving organisational and business excellence and performance through outstanding senior leaders.

Executive Education and Development Services


Driving Organisational Excellence Through Outstanding Leadership

Supporting directors’, executives’, senior leaders and business owners’ personal and professional growth and development at every career stage; and helping them achieve their full potential.

Developing exceptional and confident leaders and teams with the ability to drive organisational excellence, resilience, sustainability and competitive advantage in a complex and dynamic international environment.

​Blending leading edge academic and professional knowledge, insights and research with the demonstrable skills, competencies and attributes to achieve high impact results.

Achieving Potential. Delivering Performance.

In a complex, dynamic, disruptive and volatile world and international business environment, it is critical that ‘C’ suite, senior leadership and executive personnel, as well as SME business owners are able to operate at the highest professional levels, achieve their full potential and optimise their performance.

We understand that organisations, teams and executives have unique requirements, cultures, contexts and environments within which they operate, as well as challenges and issues which they face.  As such, our executive development and education services are designed to provide the bespoke, comprehensive, high impact and added value support which allows them to successfully and effectively author, build, develop, drive and lead sustainable organisational and business excellence, innovation, growth, development, high performance and resilience.

Working in partnership and collaboration with clients internationally, our executive education and development services are designed specifically for organisational and business ‘C’ suite, executive, senior leadership and management and business owners internationally by their peers; seeking to engage, enable, empower, enrich and energise organisations, teams and individuals and allow them to be able to not only successfully drive and lead sustainable success, competitive advantage, resilience and transformation; but develop intelligent, ‘learning’ organisations; and deliver socially constructive ‘business’ that has a long-term, positive impact upon the wider society, communities and individuals.

Targeted at facilitating organisational and business leadership, innovation, growth, development and resilience, our executive level learning and development is orientated around a pragmatic, practical, praxis and experiential based approach which helps clients translate vision, values, strategy into high performance cultures, organisational excellence and operational optimisation; develop high performance mindsets and cultures; as well as facilitating higher end knowledge, skills, competencies and attributes.

Built around six core pillars our executive education and development delivery centres on:


Building, developing and leading high-performance teams and cultures

Organisational and business design, development, dynamics

Strategic leadership

Strategic resilience

Transformation, change, innovation and disruption

‘Technical’ subject matter expertise

Through a range of delivery options, from one on one executive sessions, through informal and formal micro groups, to workshops, webinars and seminars, we like to provide executives with the space and opportunity to challenge their perspectives, critically reflect, share and develop new ideas, as well as to refresh knowledge and develop new skills and competencies.

Within our delivery we emphasise and draw upon combined leading edge professional and academic knowledge, and research; translating deep data into information, intelligence and insight; and the use of case studies.

We are also proud and privileged that our team of executive education and development trainers, speakers, specialists and consultants are of an outstanding professional and personal pedigree and calibre, bringing with them an excellent blend of international, multidisciplinary, multi sector organisational, business and military expertise and experience.


We run a series of strategic leadership networking events, symposiums and forums designed for members of our Saif Club and ‘O’ Group.

The focus is on exploring and discussing strategic leadership issues, trends, challenges and related topics of interest, as well as sharing best practice, expertise, experience and insight.


We have a particular interest in, expertise and experience supporting SME’s and family firms, helping business owners and their senior leadership teams grow and develop personally and professionally so that they can successfully author, drive and lead their business growth, development, innovation and sustainable success.

Our Executive Education and Development Portfolio

Our suite of executive education and development operational. advisory and consulting services encompass:

Advanced Business and Organisational Management

Advanced Leadership

Advanced Programme and Project Management

Bespoke In-House Education and Development Design

Blockchain Technologies For Business

Board’s Leadership and Performance

Business Intelligence, Analysis and Performance

‘C’ Suite Development Programmes

Competencies Frameworks and Standards

Corporate Governance, Compliance and Regulatory

Data, Intelligence and Machine Learning

Digital and Technological Disruption

Entrepreneurial Leadership

Executive Coaching

Executive Mentoring

Executive Development

Geostrategic Intelligence

HR Business Partnering

Leadership Development

Leading Diversity and International Teams

Leading High-Performance Cultures and Teams

Leading Innovation and Creativity

Leading Transformation and Change Management

Mission Assurance

Organisational Design, Development and Dynamics

People and Talent

Senior Leadership and Management Regimes

Senior Leadership Teams’ Coaching

Strategic and Transformational Leadership

Strategies For Growth, Innovation and Performance

Strategic Finance

Strategic Human Capital – Leadership, Management and Planning

Strategic Intelligence, Analysis and Planning

Strategic Marketing and Communications

Strategic Performance Management

Strategic Purchasing, Supply and Logistics

Strategic Security, Sustainability, Resilience and Risk

Talent Management

Transformation and Change Management

‘Technical’ and Specialist SME Learning and Development

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