Actualising, Achieving and Accelerating Success

Working in partnership with SME’s and family firms to realise their dreams and aspirations; drive innovation, growth and development; and achieve your full potential.

SME Business Coaching and Mentoring Services


Building and Developing The Strategic, Transformational and Operational Success of Your Enterprise

Laying the strategic, tactical and operational business and commercial foundations for your successful new entrepreneurial adventure.

Supporting and empowering your firm’s growth, development and innovation; and ability to build responsive, competitive advantage.

Working with you to articulate, activate, achieve and actualise your sustainable entrepreneurial success and resilience.

Specialist SME Business Coaching

Our specialist accelerator business coaching and mentoring mission objective is simple, to bring our services, expertise and experience to help you and your organisation achieve its fullest potential; enhance productivity and performance; and provide bespoke and tailored coaching and mentoring support for you and your team.

Our business coaching and mentoring is centred around three key mission objective pillars:

Firstly, to support owners and senior leadership teams to achieve their full potential; overcome barriers to innovation, growth and development; and deliver high performance leadership, cultures and operational excellence.

Secondly, to providing an operational mission assurance framework, providing the specialist multidisciplinary expertise and experience to develop commercially focused, high-performance cultures and organisational excellence, so engineering success.

Thirdly, to provide owners and senior leadership teams with the time and space to be able to reflect and focus on key areas such as strategic and transformational agendas, networking and business development.

Our Accelerator services take a SMARTER*, intelligent and ecosystem approach; and provide clients with a through life, end to end, portfolio of services; from initial conceptualization and business planning, to exit strategies.

We have a particular interest in working with and supporting ambitious, high and accelerated growth firms; as well as tech firms and those in niche and unusual areas.

As well as our international SME business coaching and mentoring experience, we were a UK government Growth Accelerator accredited partner.

So, whatever your business agendas, issues and challenges might be, let us see if we can bring our expertise and experience to support and serve you.

Specialist SME Start-up Support

We bring specialist expertise and experience to international start-up seeking business coaching, mentoring and support, services.

Start-ups, SME and family firms have their own unique cultures and environments, as well as issues and challenges. Our specialist SME AAA business coaching and mentoring is based on our Activate, Actualise and Achieve framework, which is performance, productivity and profitability focused.

Bringing a SMARTER*, intelligent and holistic approach to clients, our services provide them with a depth and breadth of strategic, transformational and operational support, guidance, advice; all designed to nurture growth, development and sustainable success.

So, why not talk to us, and see how our expertise and experience can serve and support your SME’s success.

SME Executive Coaching

Every leader needs both professional and personal support from time to time, even if it is only to be able to discretely, confidentially, openly and honestly talk to a third-party peer to discuss and sound out a new role, or organisational strategies, ideas, challenges and issues.

Our specialist SME and family’s firm’s executive coaching and mentoring services are all about maximising value and impact, and building trusted personal and professional relationships, hopefully for the long-term.

Our elite group of executive coaches and mentors bring to clients internationally exceptional added value expertise and experience in two key areas.

Firstly, they have a wealth of senior level, multidisciplinary and multi environmental strategic, transformational and operational ‘C’ suite and senior level leadership experience and expertise, garnered across multidisciplinary fields; and government, military and blue-chip corporate environments.

Secondly, they have dedicated specialist SME experience, having successfully established, developed and led SME’s; as well as having learnt the sometimes-harsh lessons associated with failure and successfully rebuilding.

We offer a unique mix of coaching and mentoring, which includes:


  • Access to a single executive coach
  • Access to a small team of specialists
  • Access to simultaneous executive coaching and a mentor or mentoring group

Benchmarking and Health Checks

As part of our specialist SME and family firms’ business coaching and mentoring services, we offer clients a business benchmarking and organisational health assessment.

Designed to take a SMARTER*, intelligent and holistic perspective, our proprietary HIVE* framework analyses and then makes recommendations as to how to enhance organisational cultures and performance.

Designed specifically for SME and family firms, the business benchmarking and organisational health assessment is also suitable for larger organisations.

Across seven organisational areas, we analyse current organisational culture and performance, benchmarking them against best and leading-edge practice; then developing a strategic, transformational and operational plan to bridge any gaps and enhance performance.

So, if you would like to conduct an inhouse benchmarking and organisational health assessment, then why not talk to us and see how we can bring our expertise and experience to serve and support you.


As part of our business coaching and mentoring services, we can also offer clients a suite of specialist financial and commercial management and advisory services, encompassing:

  • Accounting and bookkeeping
  • Bids and tender management
  • Business plans and investment funding documentation
  • Commercial management
  • Investment funding and sources
  • Financial management

Financial, investment and funding areas include:

  • Angel investors
  • Bootstrapping
  • Crowd funding
  • Family and friends funding
  • Grants
  • Peer funding
  • Taxation advice
  • VAT advice
  • Venture capital

So, if you would like commercial and financial advice, guidance and support, then why not talk to us and see how we can bring our expertise and experience to serve and support you.


We are unequivocal supporters of constructive innovation and disruption and of the successful commercialisation of that innovation.

To that end, we bring to technical and innovative start-ups, SME’s and existing firms specialist expertise and experience in supporting the commercialisation of innovation and technology.

Through a combination of the integrated capability of The GENCOM Group and our specialist business coaching and mentoring suite of services, we endeavour to create a ecosystem in which such firms can effectively bridge the gaps from innovation to market.

Key to our approach is taking a life cycle management approach, working with clients as early as possible, ideally from conceptualisation and design, to imbue an entrepreneurial and commercial mindset and organisational culture; balancing technical and commercial objectives; and accelerating research, design, development and production, so achieving a commercial readiness platform in as quickly as possible, upon which iterative developments can be founded.

Critical building blocks within this SMARTER*, intelligent commercial approach include:

  • Adding value
  • Business intelligence, insight and analysis
  • Identifying opportunities for growth
  • Intellectual property
  • Procurement and supply chains
  • strategic marketing and communications
  • Strategic planning

We also take an inverted analysis approach, endeavouring to target products to client requirements and real issues and challenges, which can then be iteratively developed and scaled.

So, if you are an SME innovation and technology firm seeking support in commercialising your ideas, then why not speak to us and see how we can bring our expertise and experience to serve and support you.

Our SME Business Coaching Portfolio

Our suite of business coaching and mentoring operational, consulting and advisory services encompass:

AI, automation and machine learning

Business architecture and restructuring

Business continuity management

Business development and growth

Business intelligence, analysis and planning

Business and quality management systems

Communications management

Customer and client relationship management

Data, intelligence and insight

Digital and online disruption, innovation and presence

Environmental awareness and sustainability

Financial management

International pathfinding

Leading and developing high performance cultures and teams

Leadership and management

Marketing and communications

Operations management and reviews

Organisational design, development and dynamics

People and talent

Procurement and supply chain

Public relations and communications

Resilience and sustainability

Training, learning and development

Transformation and change management

Resilience management

Senior leadership teams

Security, crisis and risk management

Special events, contexts and environments response management

Strategic and operational business planning and reviews

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