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Careful, Comprehensive and SMARTER* Pre-Deployment and In Country Planning and Management

In Country Life Support Services

From initial exploratory and pathfinding trips; through setting up initial operations; to stabilising, consolidating and maturing those operations, our in-country life support services’ mission objective is designed to help assure that clients’ international adventures receive the pragmatic, practical, business and commercially focused operational and on-the-ground support required to successfully optimise operations, reduce risks and allow organisations to successfully author, develop, capture and deliver business in new countries and markets.

Through our international business and operational expertise and experience – garnered from over five generations of expatriate expertise and experience at  senior levels across military, blue-chip and organisational environments – we help assure that clients can hit the deck running; establish initial operations as quickly as possible; optimise operational effectiveness; develop, high impact, effective, responsive, resilient, secure and safe in country operations; and ensure that teams and individuals feel professionally and fully supported.

We support organisations inbound to The United Kingdom and Europe, as well as UK and European operations internationally and we have specialist expertise and experience supporting clients across The Middle and Far East and working with a range of clients, from government, diplomatic and military and blue-chip corporate organisations, through SME’s, to private client professional and student clients. We also have particular experience and expertise in providing end to end operational and life support for organisations seeking to operate in challenging and hostile environments.


We have extensive Middle East and North Africa expertise and experience, with our country experience including:

Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, United Arab Emirates and Yemen.


We have extensive Far East expertise and experience, with our country experience including:

Brunei, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Singapore.

Optimising Operational Success

We like to accentuate the positive enriching and empowering experiences and rewards that both organisations and individuals can experience from such international adventures, and so we place a strong emphasis on three central service pillars.

The first is the importance of preparing people – to reduce deployment and culture shock, through a SMARTER, intelligent approach which looks to fully prepare and orientate clients for deployment prior to embarkation, as well as provide in country support, somas to help assure that organisations and clients understand and can effectively operate in local contexts, environments and cultures.

The second is to ensure that the best possible organisational and professional foundations are laid by ensuring that operational and on the ground requirements are full understood, potential operational risk reduced and options presented. A key pillar here is the importance of learning from and understanding the common challenges, issues and patterns involved in assuring successful international operations and others’ ‘failures’.

The third is to help organisations assure that they understand the on-the ground realities of how to best achieve the competitive advantage of and reap the potential rewards from an international presence and operations. To achieve this help organisations professionally plan a SMARTER and intelligent in country operational deployment, stabilisation and maturation, drawing upon our and our networks’ regional, national and local expertise, experience, intelligence and knowledge.

Taking  a business, commercially, pragmatic and practical focus, we assure that clients have a realistic assessment of the resources required to successfully establish operations, as well as to help source such assets and resources; as well as helping them to successfully understand and address operational issue such as compliance, regulatory and choice of local partners.

Finally, we help organisations establish the operational frameworks, channels and mechanisms around which effective operational and management information, intelligence, feedback and reporting can be embedded and advantage taken of two-way feedback, innovation and research.

Diversity Driving Excellence

A key pillar of our in country operational support is helping organisations to harness local people, talent and expertise by assuring that they appreciate and understand national and local labour market regulations, climates, priorities and agendas which may impact upon their operations; be able to effectively access people and talent and recruit from local labour markets; and establish appropriate people frameworks, systems and practices.

Our International Life Support Portfolio

Our suite of operational, consulting and advisory international in – country life support services include:

Business Administration Services

Business Management Systems

Country Briefings and Orientation

Country Intelligence, Risk and Research

Country and Market Intelligence, Analysis and Research

Collaboration and Partnership Management

Crisis and Emergency Response Management

Cultural Intelligence, Awareness and Training

Event Management

Geostrategic Intelligence, Analysis and Planning

Global Mobility

Government and Ministry Liaison

Interim Leadership and Management

In Country Arrivals and Initial Settlement

Language and Translation Services

Legal Advice, Support and Brokerage

Networking and Introductions – Business and Personal

Operations Management

Pathfinding and Initial Exploratory Visits

People and Talent

Personal Security Awareness

Project Teams and Management

Purchasing, Procurement, Supply and Logistics

Regional Briefings and Orientation

Regional Intelligence, Risk and Research

Regional and Market Intelligence, Analysis and Research

Security Operations and Management

Strategic and Operational Business Intelligence, Analysis and Planning – In Country

Taxation and Financial Advice, Support and Brokerage

Travel and Transportation Management

Visa and Immigration Advice and Brokerage

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