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The United Kingdom is privileged to enjoy a depth and breadth of world class, independent schooling for children up to 18 years old. Attending one of The United Kingdom’s exclusive prep schools, followed by one of our elite independent or great public schools can be a passport to life success. Small wonder then that such establishments enjoy exceptional demand from parents internationally.

All parents want the best start in life for their children; to see them flower into rounded, confident and successful young adults, who are well on the way to fulling their potential, dreams and aspirations; and ready to successfully advance onto the next stage of their lives, be that university, the military or perhaps a career.

Achieving this successfully requires careful judicious and intelligent understanding of the options available, and what are in the best long-term interests of each individual child; and that they can benefit from not only an academic environment that is suit to them, but also provides a happy, rewarding, enriching and empowering environment for each child’s personal development.


For clients internationally, we can arrange informal and formal  visits to both independent prep and senior schools, allowing both parents and prospective pupils to explore, experience and learn more about a selection of schools at first hand.


For clients internationally, we organise across the year small number of select occasions at an exclusive London private members opportunity, which provides parents the opportunity to both learn more about the British independent schools system and the histories of select schools; as well as meet key individuals.

Expert Advice From Those Who Know

Carruthers Associates brings to exclusive clients internationally significant education consulting expertise and experience, as well as specialist UK prep, boarding, independent and public schools’ knowledge. We not only care about you and your children but have first-hand experience ourselves of elite and exclusive prep, independent, boarding and public schools.

Through our UK university services, we look to guide families and applicants in how best to navigate their options and develop strategies to achieve their UK university goals by taking an in depth, holistic, tailored and through life approach; providing honest, objective and SMARTER feedback, recommendations and options.

We have specialist experience working with clients from regions and countries such as the Gulf, Singapore, Hong King, China and India.

Our Schools’ Consulting Portfolio

Our portfolio of schools’ operational, consulting and advisory services encompasses:

Academic Assessment

Admissions Advice and Support

In Country Life Support

Private Tutoring

UK Visa Advice and Support

Schools’ Guidance and Advice

School Tours – At selected schools and by arrangement and invitation.

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