Governance and Compliance Services

Building and developing organisational and business resilience through reduced risk.

Governance and Compliance Services


Protecting and Assuring Organisational Integrity and Reputation

Leading, building and developing high performance business cultures and organisational excellence through best practice governance and compliance.

Placing risk and reputation at the heart and soul of organisational and business excellence and performance.

Using governance, compliance and risk to successfully develop and deliver business opportunities; counter disruption and exceed stakeholder expectations.

Helping Assure High Performance

The modern world is seeing ever more rapidly changing and evolving governance, compliance, regulatory and risk environments; as well as expected levels of ethical behaviour and values effecting organisations and businesses of all shapes and sizes.

From one-man sole traders, to major financial services organisations, governance, compliance, regulatory and risk affects us all, directly or indirectly; and failure to understand and keep up to date with such environments can have a serious impact upon organisations.

Taking a different perspective, a proactive understanding of and commitment to governance and compliance can delivery tangible cultural, operational and reputational organisational benefits; competitive advantage; reduced risk; as well as providing a structured and systematic framework within which organisations can successfully author, develop, capture and delivery new business opportunities.

Our specialist organisational and corporate governance, compliance, regulatory and risk professional, consulting and advisory services are designed to provide clients of all shapes and sizes internationally with both organisational and specialist functional support.

Our mission objective is to bring our expertise and experience to help organisations and businesses author, implement, develop and drive the best practice and leading-edge governance, compliance, regulatory, risk, leadership and management cultures and frameworks which in turn form the bedrock of high performance cultures, build resilience and sustainability; and allow organisations to thrive.

Working with boards, senior leadership teams and specialist functions such as finance, tax, people and HR, ICT, we help organisations and businesses understand the critical importance of placing robust governance, compliance and risk cultures and frameworks at the heart and soul of successful, thriving and competitive organisations; and the of seeing governance and compliance within a holistic and integrated ecosystem approach.

To that end, we place an emphasis upon the critical importance of helping organisations understand that governance and compliance, like quality, is not a static, silo and tick box-based exercise; but a dynamic, live and organic culture and proactive organisational tool. To that end, we help clients implement and develop appropriate leadership and management regimes; governance, compliance, regulatory and risk awareness across all organisational functions and levels; high-performance cultures; and integration into and alignment with and business and quality management frameworks and systems.

To ensure that we provide a fully comprehensive and practical approach, we also provide clients with support in areas such as GDPR.

Business Governance

Our business compliance services help organisations are focused on helping clients author, implement and develop pragmatic, practical and high impact organisational, business, functional and ‘technical’ governance and compliance cultures, frameworks and systems; as well as become ‘learning’ organisations. Within this, we place an emphasis upon the importance of values, beliefs, leadership and risk awareness; and powerful, proactive and predictive integrated business, quality and operational management systems.

Central to our business governance and compliance approach is in helping clients to understand the business and operational ecosystems within which they operate; and the role, nature and expectations of stakeholders across the organisation and value chain.

We bring to organisations a wealth of general and specialist business governance and compliance expertise and experience; garnered across multidisciplinary environments internationally, from UK government and military, to blue chip and corporate; as well as transferable, multidisciplinary and lead sector expertise and experience.

We also pay attention to the small details, so we can help organisations and business author best practice protocols, policies, procedures, business metrics and key operational and control documentation.


We have authored specialist leadership, management and operational regimes’ (LMOR) frameworks, which organisations of all shapes and sizes can use as flexible framework templates. These LMOR frameworks are drawn from both our international general organisational and business experience; as well as with lead governance, compliance and regulatory sectors and models, such as the FCA’s Senior Manager’s Regime. We have blended these standards, along with ISO, UK government, British and Commonwealth military and best practice multidisciplinary frameworks’ and standards’ pillars to provide a flexible, scalable and agile frameworks which organisations of all shapes and sizes can use to successfully and effectively implement tailored leadership and management regimes, through which they can drive organisational excellence, resilience and high performance.

Central pillars of our LMOR frameworks and working with clients is helping them to fully understand the nature, function, structure and added value of such regimes; and the expected leadership, professional and personal attributes, conduct, responsibilities and standards involved.


We can help organisations and businesses enhance their governance and compliance cultures by enhancing their risk cultures and developing risk awareness across all organisational levels. We help organisations and businesses use risk strategies, tools and techniques as proactive business planning and management tools, which when embedded into best practice business management systems, provide powerful business authoring, development, capture and delivery frameworks.


We can help organisations and businesses enhance the governance and leadership shown by their boards, executive and non-executive and advisory personnel. Central pillars of our work with boards is working with clients to fully understand the nature, function and structure of boards; and the expected leadership, professional and personal attributes, conduct, responsibilities and standards involved. We also work with clients to help assure that boards have successfully and effectively established objectives and deliver them.


We can help organisations and businesses of all shapes and sizes understand, interpret and enact their regulatory requirements; as well as keep organisations up to date on regulatory intelligence and changes which will affect them.


We provide organisations with best practice independent and objective auditing, consulting and advisory services, designed to help and support organisations and businesses evaluate and assess their operational systems and performance; assure that they are enacting their external and internal governance, compliance, regulatory and operational frameworks and standards; and become intelligent, ‘learning’ organisations, continually improving and developing.  

In line with best practice, like all our services, our auditing approach is to work in collaborative partnership with clients, across all organisational levels.

ISO Standards

We have extensive expertise and experience in working with clients internationally to implement full or internally benchmarked ISO and BSI standards. Like best practice organisational governance, compliance and regulatory cultures and standards, ISO and BSI can have significant beneficial impacts in driving and developing organisational and operational excellence and high performance.

As management systems, they place an emphasis on leadership, risk and people, and when working with clients we prioritise those three pillars in the establishment of either full ISO or BSI accreditation standards; or the bespoke and tailored development and implementation of internal business and quality management systems aligned to and benchmarked against those standards.

Along with helping clients to develop and implement such standards, we also provide internal auditing services so that clients can assess, evaluate and measure their internal performance, and preparation and readiness for potential accreditation.

We have specialist experience with:

ISO 9000 – Quality Management

ISO / IEC 27000 – Information Security Management Systems

ISO 14000 – Environmental Management

ISO 31000: 2018 – Risk Management

ISO 26000: 2010 – Social Responsibility

ISO 28000: 2007 – Specifications for Security Management Systems for the Supply Chain

ISO 37001: 2016 Anti-Bribery Management Systems

ISO 45001 – Occupational Health and Safety

ISO 21500: 2012 – Project Management

ISO/IEC 40180:2017 Information Technology – Quality for Learning, Education and Training

ISO 56000: 2020 Innovation Management

Our Governance Portfolio

Our portfolio of governance, compliance and regulatory operational, consulting and advisory services include:


Behavioural and Human Factors

Board Awareness, Development and Leadership

Business Process (Re) Engineering

Business and Quality Management Systems

Compliance Intelligence and Insight

Compliance Management, Models and Frameworks

Compliance Information, Reporting and Management Systems

Critical Control Documentation, Protocols, Polices & Procedures

Due Diligence

Director, Non-Executive Director and Advisory Appointments


Governance Models and Frameworks

Governance Information, Reporting and Management Systems

High Performance Cultures

ICT Governance

ISO Standards, Alignment, Benchmarking, Implementation and Accreditation Preparation

Information Security Management / ISO 27001

Organisational Assessment, Health Check and Improvement

People, Talent and HR Governance, Compliance and Regulatory

Regulatory Intelligence and Insight

Regulatory Management

Risk Management, Models and Frameworks

Senior Leadership and Management Regimes

Strategic Resilience and Assurance

Technology and AI Systems Advisory, Brokerage, Design and Deployment

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