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International Business and Enterprise Support Services


Helping Assure Operational Resilience, Agility and Effectiveness


Adding strategic, operational and financial value through professionally and comprehensively planned, SMARTER* overseas ventures.

Providing clients internationally with holistic, comprehensive end to end, through life international business authoring, development, capture and delivery support.

A SMARTER, intelligent and integrated approach to organisational and business security, crisis, continuity, risk and resilience management.

International Business and Enterprise Support Services

Global markets can potentially offer organisations and businesses of all shapes and sizes exciting and opportunities and rich rewards for those who decide to venture into foreign fields. Even with the myriad of current geostrategic issues currently being faced by UK and international organisations of all sizes and shapes, the ‘strategic imperative’ of is likely to be persistently strong.

The decision to enter new markets and establish new in country operations is can be fraught with issues and challenges, especially for organisations for whom this is their first international foray. Tragically, when overseas operations fail the impact can be serious both in country and at home.

It is critical then, that if organisations are going to add strategic, operational and financial value as a whole, then international and overseas deployments and operations, of whatever scale and duration, are professionally and comprehensively planned and supported so that the potential risks associated with the siren song of new markets and lure of false expectations are avoided and a SMARTER, intelligent and unassailable strategic and operational logic and business case for overseas ventures is established.

So, our mission objective is twofold. Working as a trusted business partner we bring our international operational expertise and experience to bear in helping organisations and businesses of all shapes and sizes internationally realistically understand the global, national and local contexts and environments within which they wish to or are operating in; and then to safely, securely, successfully and effectively explore, prepare for, set-up and mature international in-country operations; and respond to the potential global, national and local disruption, threats, issues and challenges they might face.

Our SMARTER, intelligent and ecosystem approach provides clients with a holistic, comprehensive and integrated suite of end to end and through life business and enterprise support services helping assure operational agility, resilience and effectiveness.

Further International Business and Enterprise Services



International Business Pathfinding and Development

For clients looking to establish overseas operations, our services are designed to help you make SMARTER, intelligent business authoring, pathfinding and development decisions. Our mission objective here is to significantly reduce the risk of operational failure and failed business expectations by assuring that your decision making is based on current geostrategic, regional and in country intelligence, insight, expertise, experience and case studies; so helping to assure that any international business authoring, pathfinding and development results in effective and successful business capture and delivery; that strategic and operational objectives are achieved in a sustainable and resilient manner; and significant added value is added to the organisation as a whole.

To achieve this, we help client’s conduct a robust and deep analysis and assessment of an organisations’ understanding of the cultures, contexts and environments within which they hope to operate; their desired expectations, results and outcomes; the myriad and multidisciplinary impact factors; their capacity and capability to operate successfully in a new market; and the potential impact upon existing operations.

Through such a strategic and operational planning exercise – which gently questions, challenges constructively and counsels – we can help clients assure that their strategic, operational and risk analysis and planning is robust and realistic; and that they can readjust their such planning in line with the on-the -ground operational reality as required; and so significantly enhance their potential to successfully penetrate new markets and secure competitive advantage in an effective and sustainable manner. Such an exercise also allows clients to analyse options and consider possible phased alternative routes into new markets; for example perhaps a phased entry from initial investment and exporting, through licensing and franchising, to full JV, turnkey and greenfield initiatives, and eventually solely owned in country operations


Perhaps your organisation is currently considering new post Brexit markets? Did you know that North America is the UK’s number one destination for international trade; closely followed by South America, The Middle East, India, China and South east Asia. From luxury cars and engineering to consulting and training services, firms of all sizes, from SME’s to multinationals are flying the flag for Britain.

So why not let us help you to explore and capitalise on international opportunities.


Across Asia there are exciting opportunities opening up for British firms.

As well as established potential markets in south and east Asian countries such as India Singapore and Japan, new markets such as China offer potential exciting opportunities and rich rewards.

So why not let us help you to explore and capitalise on international opportunities.



Across Africa there are exciting opportunities opening up for British firms.

According to the World Bank, Ghana is the world’s fastest growing economy, and offers significant opportunities; from oil and gas, financial services and infrastructure, to agriculture, health, and education.

Maybe Nigeria is of interest? Africa’s largest economy presents a plethora of opportunities for British firms of all sizes, particularly across infrastructure, agriculture, tourism & hospitality, education, health, construction, solid minerals, and energy; and the opportunities are all the more enticing because The Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission (NIPC) has allowed for nearly all sectors to be opened up for 100 per cent foreign ownership.

Another opportunity is South Africa, which is the UK’s biggest trading partner in the region and is supported by the Dube Tradeport, a designated Special Economic Zone (SEZ), offering globally integrated logistics and manufacturing infrastructure and support for a range of airport-related activities.

So, if you are considering doing business in Africa, why not talk to us and see if our international business support services can add value to you.


Across The Gulf Region and North Africa there are exciting opportunities opening up for British firms.

As well as countries such as Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, United Araba Emirates, there are potentially rich rewards to be had in North Africa in countries such as Libya.

So why not let us help you to explore and capitalise on international opportunities.

Pragmatic And Operationally Focused

Our international business and enterprise support services are focused on providing clients internationally with the comprehensive depth and breadth of end to end, practical, pragmatic business and commercially focused integrated enterprise services, operational and on the ground support required by organisations in their international business development, capture and delivery.

A Trusted Network of Assets

As your trusted international business partner, we can deploy an outstanding network of specialist UK, European, regional and local collaborative partners and assets.

So, for clients inbound into The United Kingdom and Europe as well as those outbound to The Middle and Far East, why not let us bring our significant added value capacity, capability and expertise to support your international adventure, reduce the risk and reap the rewards.

Our International Business and Enterprise Services’ Portfolio

Our suite of operational, consulting and advisory international business and enterprise services include:

Business Etiquette and Guides

Corporate Governance, Compliance and Regulatory Advice and Planning

Executive, Interim and Project Leadership Recruitment and Deployment

Financial and Tax

Geostrategic Intelligence, Analysis and Planning

In Country Facilities Management

In Country Briefings, Intelligence and Guides

In Country Life Support

In Country Local Manpower Recruitment

Information, Communications, Computing and Technology

Languages and Translation

Management Contracting

Market and Sector Intelligence and Research


Outsourced and Managed Services


Purchasing, Procurement, Supply and Logistics

Regional Briefings, Intelligence and Guides

Regional and Country Business Intelligence and Research

Risk Management

Strategic and Collaborative Partnership Management

Security and Crisis Management

Strategic Business Intelligence, Analysis and Planning

Training and Development

Travel Management

VIP and Executive Travel

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