Exclusive Concierge and Lifestyle Services

Supporting and enriching the family and private lives of an international elite and discerning private clients.

Exclusive Concierge and Lifestyle Services

For An International Elite And Discerning Private Clients

Supporting You And Your Family

From a  luxury cruise or temporary staff whilst visiting London, we help you and your family lead the lifestyle you deserve and desire.

Enriching Visitor Experience

Providing International Clients With Exclusive, Personalised, In Country Life Support

Excellence. Quality. Attention To Detail.

We like to ensure that the small details are mastered; so assuring you that your standards and expectations are delivered without fuss.

Concierge and Lifestyle Services

The single most important gift anyone can enjoy is the precious gift of time. Time to enrich our and our families’ and friends’ lives. Time to enjoy the warmth that family and friends bring. Time to engage in and enjoy new experiences in the rich tapestry of life; and the time to simply sit, breathe and do nothing; perhaps with a glass of champagnes, fine wine and a good meal.

Coupled with that, we all have dreams and desires; and enjoy some luxury and indulgence in life. From exclusive Oud, to a trip in a Spitfire, or a dream meal at The Goring after a day on indulgence in London.

It is not all about luxury and indulgence, however. We recognise that, whilst important, not everything centres around one’s social life and what one is wearing to Ascot or the Barrière Deauville Polo this year; as even the grandest of us have somewhat more mundane and less enjoyable tasks to attend to sometimes.

Perhaps you are a hard-working single parent, successfully running a company as a senior executive or your business, who requires some help, support and lifestyle balance with your hectic business, personal and family life. Or perhaps, you simply seek some advice with respect to tailoring, or a special and rare bottle of wine as a gift.


Through ourselves and strategic partnerships, we offer clients a suite of specialist property, home and household services, which include:


  • Building construction, renovation and maintenance
  • Exclusive bespoke property search
  • Private global mobility
  • Property preservation and conservation
  • Property security
  • Property and home watch


We offer clients internationally a suite of specialist home-based education services, which include:


  • Adult learning support
  • Continued academic and professional development support
  • Mainstream 11 – 18 GCSE and ‘A’ level tutoring
  • University tutoring

Turning The Ordinary Into Time For The Extraordinary

And that is where we come in. Our discrete, professional, comprehensive and integrated suite of concierge and lifestyle management and consulting services are designed to deliver excellence; and ensure that your bespoke, unique requirements are delivered in accordance with your standards, expectations and priorities; allowing you to rest assured and with more time to focus on what is important to you.

We have specialist experience and expertise not only in working with elite international clients visiting The United Kingdom and Europe, but also in supporting those travelling to the Orient, across The Middle and Far East, South Asia, East Asia and Africa.

So, from the everyday to the extraordinary, why not talk to us about how our expertise, experience and network can best serve and support you and your family’s and friends’ bespoke requirements.

Our Concierge and Lifestyle Portfolio

Our concierge and lifestyle management operational, consulting and advisory services encompass:

The Seneschal

The Seneschal suite of services is focused on home, hearth and the bosom of the family. The portfolio encompasses:


Art and Antiques

Bespoke Private Events Management

Gardening and Floristry

Household Management

Estate Management

Interior Design

Property Maintenance and Management

Staff Management

Security and Close Protection

The Season

The Season suite of services is focused on the English social season and seasonal private and public events. The portfolio encompasses:

Bespoke Private Events Management

Cultural Events

Exclusive Public and Private Member Events

Pageantry and Ceremonial Events

Season Events

Social Events

Sporting Events

Personal And Family Services

The suite of personal services is focused on the individual and their family; with the portfolio encompasses advice, guidance and consulting around:

Education, languages and Tutoring

Health and Medical

Financial and Wealth Management

Gastronomy and Oenology



Personal Shopping

Tailoring and Styling

The Gentlemen – Lifestyle Advice and Support

The Lady – Lifestyle Advice and Support


Caravanserai Services

The Caravanserai suite of services is focused on transportation and the portfolio encompasses:

Aviation – Private Jets and Helicopters



The Voyager Services

The Voyager suite of personal services is focused on the supporting elite, international travellers. The portfolio encompasses:

Bespoke Travel, Adventures and Experiences

Bespoke and Exclusive Private Client Travel Management

In Country Life Support

Your International Business Partner

Delivering Bespoke Private Client and Professional Services

London | Edinburgh | Manchester | Dublin | Bahrain

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