Enriching Lives Through Culture and Language

Enriching, empowering and promoting international and cross cultural friendship and understanding.

Culture and Languages Services

Empowering and enriching lives through shared understanding

Language Learning

Understanding and consolidating our knowledge of cultures and civilisation through language.

A Mark of Distinction

Developing and distinguishing ourselves through intelligent, cultured and civilised conversations based around language and literature.

Cross Cultural Understanding

Fostering international friendship and relations; and experiencing enriching cultures and civilisations.

Cross Cultural Awareness and Understanding

Understanding the countries, communities and cultures in which we operate, for either business or pleasure, is fundamental to personal and business success. Even just the ability to say please and thank-you when travelling, brings not only a smile that can cheer up a day; but potentially elicit so much more.

The ability to really ‘operate’ when overseas can be significantly enhanced by both knowing the culture and the language. Whether it be for business or pleasure, knowing about and understanding the countries, cultures and peoples we are visiting or working in, can reap rich dividends and rewards.

Through language and cultural awareness and understanding we build roots, socialisation, trust, personal relationships and friendships.

Whilst today’s global world is known as the global village, there are still plenty of opportunities for miscommunication, misunderstanding and failure to achieve our objectives. Through both language acquisition and development, as well as cross cultural understanding and awareness, we can maximise our potential for success through our people focus.

So, whether it is for personal or business reasons, why not speak to us to see how our language and cross cultural service might be of value to you.


The HELLIOS immersion experience is one of our flagship adult immersion courses. Designed predominantly, like all our travel adventures and experiences, for exclusive individuals, couples, families and micro groups, the four-week HELLIOS experience combines language learning with specialist history, heritage and literary studies and excursions and experiences; along with a bespoke range of high-end leisure activities.

Amongst our premier HELLIOS adventures and experiences are:

Sultanate of Oman – learn Arabic in the jewel in the Gulf and enjoy the best of Oriental opulence that Omani culture, heritage and history has to offer.

Athens and Rome – learn ancient Greek and Latin, explore the seminal moments in and locations associated with the history and heritage of ancient Greece and classical Rome, try your hand at some philosophy and experience some of the world’s finest classical literature.

London – learn and develop your English, or any other language in the heart of The United Kingdom, and explore and experience its unrivalled historical, heritage, literary and  cultural offerings, whilst simultaneously enjoying an exceptional spectrum of some of the finest leisure opportunities in the world.


The traditional Grand Tour was once the epitome of aristocratic elegant experiences, a way of finishing one’s education by experiences the finest cultures that civilisation had to offer.

Our modern Grand Tour retains that spirit of elegance, élan, exclusivity and excellence, but with a modern twist.

We craft unique, bespoke Grand Tours across three primary territorial regions; Europe, The Middle East and The Far East.

Of three to six months duration, our Grand Tours are crafted to traditional standards of excellence, offering the discerning traveller the finest experiences and standards of service and excellence. As well as potentially combining rail and sea travel, our Grand Tours are the epitome of civilised and cultured travel.

Language Learning

Learning a new language, whether for business or pleasure, can be an immensely rewarding and enriching experience; as well as providing personal and business competitive advantage.

So where you are a visiting a country for a holiday and wish to learn a language for fun as part of that experience; or you are being deployed on a new international assignment, then why not talk to us and see how we can support and serve you through our language services.

Our languages learning suite encompasses:













English For Specialist Purposes

For international clients, especially international students and professionals, we offer a range of specialist adult English language training services. These include:


  • English For Academic Purposes and IELTS
  • English For General Purposes and
  • English for Specialist Training, Occupational and Professional Purposes
  • Executive Language Development


We offer clients internationally the opportunity to immerse themselves in both language and culture by offering bespoke language holiday adventures and experiences.

As well as language lessons, such adventures and experiences offer participants fantastic opportunities to explore the culture and heritage of the countries and societies they are visiting; as well as to indulge in special interests.

We specialise in programmes across Europe, The Middle and The Far East, including:















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