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Fostering organisational, executive, professional and personal performance, learning, growth and development.

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Improving Organisational and Individual Performance

Developing a coaching and mentoring culture which fosters a learning, growth and development which reap tangible and operational individual and organisational rewards, results and benefits.

Enhancing performance and bottom-line results through using executive coaching and mentoring to lead and drive high-performance cultures and teams through engagement, empowerment and enrichment.

Discrete and confidential executive coaching and mentoring environment and services which bring international, senior level expertise and experience in support of their peers.

Coaching and Mentoring

Research shows that coaching and mentoring, particularly at executive level, can have significant organisational benefits, which enhance performance and bottom-line results; for example, The International Personnel Management Association (IPMA) found that training and development alone can increase productivity by 22%, whereas combined with high-quality coaching and mentoring frameworks, productivity increases can rise to an awesome 88% improvement.

High quality coaching and mentoring fosters the trusted and intimate human relationships, through which people can mutually engage, enable, empower and enrich, so resulting in individual and organisational learning, which in turn supports the authoring, development and leadership of a high-performance culture. As chemistry and personal relations grow and deepen, so they and the benefits which they endow can become all the more powerful and successful across individual, personal and professional perspectives

Engage. Empower. Enrich.

Perhaps the twin most powerful pillars of successful coaching and mentoring is the two-way engagement and ability to empower and enrich by sharing knowledge, experience and expertise; as well as offering channels for discussion and feedback.

Embedding effective coaching and mentoring cultures within organisations directly drives competitive advantage and adds value as part of effective and high-performance people and talent strategies. The practical operational, benefits of effective coaching and mentoring range from enhanced succession planning, employee retention and satisfaction; through enhanced performance and productivity; to enhanced profitability.

Peers With Expertise and Experience

For senior level executives, the ability to access and draw upon the international expertise and experience of their peers, through an external, discrete and confidential coaching and mentoring relationship can also have significant individual and organisational benefits.

From a ‘business’ and organisational perspective being able to draw upon a ‘sounding board’, engage with and discuss options and ideas with an experienced peer with a well of multidisciplinary or specialist expertise provides opportunities for critical reflection, improved analysis and decision making; challenging perspectives; and exploring the latest leading edge knowledge, ideas and trends. All of this can significantly enhance strategic, transformational, tactical and operational leadership.

From a personal perspective, such executive coaching and mentoring relationships can foster and inspire significant personal and professional learning, development and growth; allow you to achieve your full potential; as well as providing access to mutually rewarding support and professional networks.

Psychometric Assessment and Profiling

In building high-performance senior leadership teams, project and operational teams and cultures it is important to achieve a close fit.

We are strong proponents of the power of psychometric assessment and profiling to add significant value and tangible organisational and operational benefits. By understanding the personality, character behaviour and skills of your people and talent, not only can best fit, but professional and personal self-awareness, potential and areas of learning and development be identified; but performance and productivity enhanced and talent identification, succession planning and promotion decision be better informed.

We can the experience in deploying a range of tools and instruments, which include:


Belbin Team Roles

Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®)


Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ32)

Saville Assessment – Wave and Strengths

SHL Solutions

Team Management Profile (TMP) – Margerison-McCann


As well as being able to deliver coaching and mentoring, especially one to one sessions, at premises of your choice, we are delighted to be able to offer access to some of the most exclusive, discrete and elegant private and membership locations across the UK.

As well as conducting coaching and mentoring, we like to take the time to really get to know you as well as add value; so we enjoy the opportunity to indulge in further conversation over a fine lunch or dinner; as well as afford networking opportunities.


For executives and senior leadership personnel, our coaching and mentoring services can afford opportunities not just for life, personal, career or professional growth and development; but to opportunities to focus on driving and securing real results which enhance performance and productivity.

Our practical action centred learning and leadership coaching and mentoring is designed to allow executives and senior leaders to focus on specific strategic, transformational, tactical or operational issues, challenges, projects and requirements; drawing upon the multidisciplinary and specialist expertise and experience of our coaches and mentors to deliver and achieve SMARTER, intelligent outcomes and results.

Our Coaching and Mentoring Portfolio

Our coaching and mentoring suite of operational, consulting and advisory services encompass:

Career coaching and mentoring

Coaching and mentoring consulting

Coaching and mentoring frameworks

Coaching and mentoring training and development

Executive coaching and mentoring for ‘C’ suite and senior leadership teams

Executive coaching and mentoring for boards

Executive development

Graduate and fast track leaders’ coaching and mentoring

International teams and cross-cultural coaching and mentoring

Individual and team psychometric profiling and assessment

Leadership development

New and potential leaders’ coaching and mentoring

Targeted coaching for specific and specialist requirements

Team coaching

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