Redefining Human Resources

Disruptive, new people paradigms which add value and enable, empower and enrich employee experiences and organisational performance.  

Strategic Human Resource Consulting


Redefining The Power Of People and Talent To Drive Excellence

Supporting organisations in developing the frameworks that deliver the high-performance cultures that drive and deliver sustainable success.

Placing people and talent at the very heart of organisational, business and entrepreneurial success; and people and talent agendas and initiatives which drive high-performance, organisational excellence, performance, productivity, engagement, enrichment and empowerment.

Building and developing high-performance, dynamic, responsive and added value business partnering cultures across the value chain.

Strategic People and Talent Consulting

Our strategic human resources consulting is people, talent and culture focused, and deliberately and unapologetically seeks to disrupt and re-engineer traditional HR paradigms, placing an explicitly business partnering focused paradigm at the heart of our services.

We believe that our strategic HR consulting should support organisations of all shapes and sizes to author, drive, develop and lead strategic and transformational people, talent and high-performance culture agendas and initiatives which directly enhance, enable and empower organisational performance, productivity and profitability; and create engaging and enriching organisational cultures and environments.

The Courage To Be Different

Do you conduct staff appraisals? How and why? Would abolishing them enhance performance? Does your HR team have the courage to think about, debate and address such issues?

CEO’s, COO’s and CFO’s, amongst other business and operational personnel, often take a very different perspective of the roles, functions and use of HR as opposed to many HR professional practitioners.

By redefining our strategic HR consulting services as people and culture focused, our mission objective is to support organisational and operational optimisation as trusted business partners; taking a strategic, transformational, disruption and innovation focused approach that, being ‘business’ and commercially focused, seeks to maximise the power of people and talent to drive and maximise an organisations’ full potential, build and develop organisational resilience and sustainability, and drive enhanced performance, productivity and profitability.

Our Strategic Pillars

Our strategic HR consulting takes a SMARTER, intelligent and dynamic ecosystem approach,

which is based around nine key consulting people and talent pillars:

Coaching and Mentoring

Disruption, Innovation and Technology

High Performance Cultures

Occupational Psychology

Operations Management

Organisational Design, Development and Dynamics

Strategic Human Capital

Strategic and Transformational Leadership

Transformation and Change Management

Our POP5 Framework

Our POP5 framework is a unique people and culture intelligence, analysis, planning, implementation and management tool, designed to align strategic business, people and performance objectives and agendas.

The POP5 framework is a people, talent and focused business management and mapping system, which allows organisations to take a SMARTER, intelligent and dynamic approach to understanding through results and outcomes based policies, procedures, metrics and performance indicators how their people and talent strategies, agendas, initiatives ad projects are effecting their performance, productivity and profitability; and how they can add value.

The POP5 framework looks at people and culture business performance across three levels – strategic, tactical and operational – and across five key areas, which are:

 People and Talent

High Performance Culture


Employee Engagement, Enrichment and Empowerment

Stakeholder Chains

The POP5 framework functions and processes mapping components are designed to provide a rich, SMARTER infographic for organizations, departments, functions or work units.

The functional mapping allows organisations to analyse, manage and prioritise roles, functions, capacity and capability; analyse and develop competencies frameworks; and enhance people resourcing decision making.

The process mapping allows functions to identify how they add value, as well opportunities to validate, streamline the effectiveness and efficiency of operational processes and procedures, as well as automate and use artificial intelligence.

The POP5 framework also places an emphasis upon deploying internal and external deep data and intelligence and allow senior leadership teams to understand and plan high impact people and talent policies, processes, agendas and initiatives.

The POP5 framework is not only focused on authoring, building, developing and monitoring high-performance culture and people agendas and initiatives, but on proactively helping to reduce and mitigate risk, as well as deliver tangible business benefits.


Too often HR departments and functions forget about the human dimension of organisations, and seem not only impersonal, but imperious, inflexible and process driven defenders of management and rules; rather than being seen as the drivers of a dynamic high-performance culture which is not only people and talent focused, but genuinely places human factors at the heart and soul of the organisation.

In both our strategic people and culture consulting and HR business partnering services, we proactively place humanity and human factors at the heart of what we do, drawing upon lessons learn from some of the highest performance and people focused best practice cultures and organisations in the world.


If organisations are to genuinely author and develop high-impact people and talent strategies that drive sustainable high-performance cultures, then they must consider the dynamic nature of The United Kingdom’s and the international workforce.

Access to and actively using diverse people and talent sources can reap rich dividends for organisations; ranging from the deployment of flexible, just in time contract and project specific expertise and experience, through reducing operational risk, to maximising financial cost effectiveness. The potential to achieve such dividends can only properly be achieved by taking a strategic rather than a transactional approach.

We are here to help organisations achieve these dividends.

Our Strategic HR Consulting Portfolio

Our strategic people and HR consulting and advisory portfolio encompasses:

 Assessment Centres

Compliance and Regulatory

Compensation and Benefits

Data, Intelligence and Analytics

Disruption, Innovation and Technology

Employee Engagement, Enrichment and Empowerment

Executive Coaching

Executive Development

High Performance Cultures

HR Balanced Score Card Design

Individual and Team Profiling and Psychometrics

Leadership and Management

Mergers and Acquisitions

Organisational Design, Development and Dynamics



Strategic Communications

Strategic HR Planning

Succession Planning

Talent Management

Transformation and Change Management

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