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High calibre corporate hospitality can have real, tangible benefits for organisations, and bestow competitive advantage.

Internally, corporate hospitality can contribute towards the development of high-performance cultures and teams by being linked to reward and recognition; and showing personnel that they are valued and appreciated.

Externally, such hospitality can transform customer experiences, transforming them into loyal, long-term clients; and help boost brand awareness, identity, values and sales.

In The United Kingdom, we are privileged to be able to enjoy a wealth of arts, ceremonial, cultural, gastronomic, heritage, social and sporting events and organisations, all of which can be provide memorable and shared experiences.

Excellence. Exclusivity. Engagement.

Our hospitality services are focused on creating enriching. elegant and exclusive experiences, occasions and opportunities that can potentially bond people together.

People do business with people; sometimes it is who you know that matters most; and we are more likely to build trusted relationships and want to do business with people whose company we have enjoyed and with whom we feel a connection.

We like to ensure that occasions and experiences are of the finest calibre, bespoke and appropriate; and also advocate a balanced and varied approach that also takes into account the people involved. Whilst the grand, smart awards ceremony, rugger and cricket tests are enjoyed by some; others would prefer a quality lunch with the Chairman or CEO in an exclusive venue.

We bring to clients our extensive expertise and experience; the highest social standards; and our insider insight, intelligence and access to elite and exclusive networks, circles and venues.

With our emphasis upon quality, we predominantly focus on the smaller, more intimate and exclusive occasion and experience, that is crafted for the discerning client. We also have excellent access to a range of private and members only venues; as well as a special expertise, experience and interest in heritage and special interest based corporate hospitality.


Bespoke Events

All our corporate hospitality services are bespoke and tailored for clients. We craft occasions and experiences for you alone.


We do not only operate in The United Kingdom, but across Europe and The Middle and Far East; and are able to utilise exclusive venues, as well as world class luxury.


Is your board or senior leadership team looking for a discrete but exclusive destination, perhaps for an extended strategy and management meeting? Do you have a new executive team that you want to bond? Would you enjoy an extended stay, some leisure activities and perhaps something different?

As well as our corporate hospitality and event management services, we can also add value through working with our strategic and collaborative partners to integrate executive development into such retreats.

So why not allow us to help you put together something special that combines business and pleasure, in an exclusive environment.


We are both delighted and privileged to be able to access a range of exclusive venues across The United Kingdom and Europe; many of which are historic and heritage venues, all adding something a little different and special to your occasion and experience.


If you are looking for an experience that combines history, heritage, pomp, pageantry and ceremonial, then why not look to host an experience that is centred around or linked to The Season or special historic occasion or anniversary. For both foreign clients and your team with special interests, such occasions and experiences can be truly special.


Are you looking to deliver some team building? From one day events to five and ten – day programmes, we bring to clients not only our corporate hospitality and event management services, but the expertise, experience and benefits of international military and civilian team building, training and development.

So why not allow us to help you put together a truly special, added value and bespoke event, that enriches, enables and empowers your team; all delivered at some exclusive and special venues.

Investing In People

The benefits of high calibre corporate hospitality must also be seen as an investment, for both existing as well as potential new clients. That investment may well see a financial return – a smart product or service launch for example. We encourage clients however to see corporate hospitality as opportunities to engage and enrich, and so become ambassadorial and consumer experiences.

The opportunity for organisations to engage face to face internally and externally, and so establish and maintain personal relationships is the most powerful marketing, public relations and communications tool any organisation has.

High calibre corporate hospitality not only reflects the value and respect within which organisations hold stakeholders but can also imbue and inspire confidence and loyalty in organisations and afford opportunities to foster prestige and differentiate your organisation.

We encourage organisations to invest in corporate hospitality both internally and across the spectrum of stakeholders and value chain, as such events not only provide opportunities to consolidate and reinforce networks,  talk, discuss and feedback in a relaxed environment; but also to show appreciation, thanks and value which in turn can reap rich rewards.


We are also strong advocates of the power of combining corporate hospitality with short seminars and symposiums, especially small but open events. As well as providing all the benefits identified, added value if afforded through the opportunity to turn an experience into a structured learning experience where knowledge and best practice can be shared, and ideas, issues and challenges explored; all of which contribute towards developing a learning organisation.

So, whatever your corporate requirements may be, let us use our experience and expertise to take the strain and weight of organising a bespoke and tailored corporate event off your shoulders, so that you can both focus on other areas, relax and enjoy the occasion.

Our Hospitality and Events Management Portfolio

Our corporate hospitality and events management suite of operational, consulting and advisory services encompass:

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Commemoration Occasions

Conference, Symposiums and Seminars Management

Corporate Hospitality Brokerage

Corporate Hospitality Etiquette and Management

Exclusive and Private Events Access and Management

Heritage Occasions and Experiences

Incentive, Reward and Recognition Experiences

Overseas Corporate Hospitality Experiences and Management

Special Interest Experiences and Occasions

The Season

VIP and Executive Experiences and Occasions

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