Driving Organisational Excellence

Achieving organisational and business excellence and performance through highly skilled people and talent.

Professional Training, Learning and Development Services


Driving Organisational Transformation, Growth, Development and Success

Through Outstanding Talent

Supporting professionals internationally across every stage of their professional careers and lives, from first roles to highly senior and experienced professionals.

Developing exceptional and confident talent internationally with the professional knowledge, skills, competencies and attributes to successfully lead, drive and contribute towards high performance cultures and teams.

Multidisciplinary professional development across business, functional and specialist disciplines, designed to enable, empower and enhance performance and productivity.

Transforming Lives and Organisations

Through High Impact Learning and Development

For organisations of all shapes and sizes, and for professionals across very stage of their career, continuous professional training, learning and development can have enormous and tangible benefits. In a fast changing, dynamic, changing, volatile and competitive international working environment, the importance of organisational and individual continuous professional training, learning and development cannot be overemphasised.

The ability of both organisations and professionals to grow, develop, evolve, refresh and upskill, and acquire new knowledge, skills and competencies is critical not just for individual professional careers but for also organisational performance, productivity, resilience, agility, adaptability, competitive advantage and success.

Recent research from Forbes suggests that 94% of employers feel training and upskilling are critical, and 71% of employees feel they must continue to learn new skills to meet the demands of their role! Investing in talent makes people feel valued and enhances not just self-esteem, worth and confidence, but acceding to Forbes again, can enhance productivity and performance by 31% and creativity by 33%. From a business perspective, the case for investing in professional training, learning and development is significant, as retaining talent offers far better value than the cost associated with personnel turnover, reflected in the fact that recent research suggests that 40% of millennials would leave their positions within the first year if they do not receive the professional support to conduct their roles effectively; and 70% of personnel across Baby Boomers, Millennials and Generation X have stated that professional training, learning and development, or the lack of it, would be a significant factor in any decisions as to stay in or leave current roles.

A Learning and Development Experience

Our executive and professional training, learning and development services have two simple mission objectives.

From an organisational perspective, our mission is to support and assure that organisations benefit from high impact, practical, business and commercially focused training, learning and development interventions which allow them, through outstanding, highly skilled people and talent, can lead, drive and deliver high performance cultures and organisational excellence which in turn will significantly enhance and empower productivity, profitability; and sustainable growth and development.

From an individual professional’s perspective, our mission is to support their personal and professional growth and development, providing them with training, learning and development, and coaching and mentoring, opportunities which will endow them with the world class knowledge, skills, attributes and behaviours which will both boost their career opportunities and allow them to serve to the best of their abilities their organisations.

We take a SMARTER, intelligent approach to professional training, learning and development. Based on the five pillars of engage, enable, empower, enhance and enrich organisational, business and individual professionals’ lives and careers, we look to deliver a training, learning, development and employee experience that, by being focused on providing international talent with the real world, business, commercial, practical and pragmatically focused knowledge, skills, competencies and attributes allows professional talent across all organisational levels to lead, drive and contribute towards organisational and business success in a high impact manner that help enhance performance, productivity, profitability and achieve real tangible results and outcomes.

We also believe that high quality professional training, learning and development helps assurance not just operational benefits, but compliance and reputational benefits, as well as alignment with best practice standards across the value chain.

Fostering Transformation, Innovation and Resilience

Our training learning and development services privilege the fostering across all organisational levels of talented people, who through their personal attributes and professional knowledge and skills, can successfully drive and deliver transformation and change management agendas and initiatives; as well as innovative and creative high-performance and productivity operations and cultures.

End To End Learning and Development Services

Priding ourselves on our ability to offer a single source of added value services, in addition to our training, learning and development delivery

we provide clients internationally with a comprehensive suite of bespoke services, including:


Benchmarking and assessment

Bespoke in house solutions

Competency frameworks and standards

Learning and development as a service (LDaaS)

Managed learning and development services

Outsourced and interim training, learning and development talent

Training design team management / instructional systems design

Qualifications, programmes and courses authoring and accreditation

Specialist training, learning and development programme and project management


Across all our training, learning and development services, our mission objective

is to help and support organisations become powerful, intelligent and agile ‘learning organisations’.

Flexible Added Value Delivery

We offer private and organisational clients internationally a series of flexible delivery options, which include:

Bespoke in-house

Extended executive, professional and occupational programmes and courses

Short intensive executive, professional and occupational programmes and courses

Specialist programmes and courses

Specialist professional study tours – UK, Europe

Combination programmes and courses

Executive, professional and graduate micro groups

Executive, professional and graduate one on one

Executive, professional and graduate combination courses

Webinar and video conferencing-based programmes, courses and one on one

Blended learning and online

Telephone / Skype / video conferencing support.

Public programmes and courses are delivered in elite and exclusive venues in London, Edinburgh, and across England and Scotland;

as well as in selected European, Middle and Far Eastern locations – from Cyprus, Malta, Paris and Berlin to Muscat and Singapore.


We offer clients internationally a series of executive and professional training, learning and development intelligence and insight subscription services, through which clients receive weekly, monthly and ad hoc specialist UK, European and international organisational and business focused training, learning and development news, intelligence, insights, analysis, briefings, guides and papers.

Subscription services are available at four levels:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum


We offer clients internationally a range of integrated, standalone and added value managed and outsourced executive and professional training, learning and development packages. These include:


  • Bronze Level Learning and Development Package
  • Silver Level Learning and Development Package
  • Gold Level Professional Package
  • Platinum Level Executive Package


We provide micro, SME and family firms with specialist training, learning and development services, designed specifically to comprehensively support business owners, their organisations, teams, people and talent as they evolve, grow, develop and mature so that at each stage of their entrepreneurial adventure, they can successful take advantage of the business development, capture and delivery opportunities they encounter; address and overcome issues and challenges they face; and successfully assure business resilience and sustainable success.


As your learning business partner, our organisational empowerment experience (OEE) services provide organisational clients of all shapes and sizes internationally the opportunity to quickly and easily design and deploy highly focused organisationally and business focused, commercially astute and enterprise wide learning and development based focused interventions which help support, facilitate and deliver your strategic, transformational or operational objectives and enhance performance, productivity and profitability in a SMARTER, intelligent way.

By mixing, matching and combining a range of support and services in one added value package, organisations can build bespoke, timely, co-ordinated, cohesive, relevant and high impact ODD and L&D, interventions which engage, enable, empower and enrich employee experiences; help organisations develop deep, high performance cultures; and make an operational impact in an immediate and fit for purpose manner.

Services which can be mixed and matched as part of the OEE package include:

  • Organisational design and development
  • Executive and professional training, learning and deployment
  • Strategic and operational consulting
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Physical, digital and online L&D delivery

Our Professional Training, Learning and Development Portfolio

Our suite of professional training, learning and development operational. advisory and consulting services encompass:

Accounting, Bookkeeping

Business Administration and Management

Business and Quality Management Systems

Business Communications and Correspondence

Business Intelligence, Analysis and Planning

Commercial Management

Communications Management

Computing and Technology

Digital and Technology Skills


Financial Management

Governance, Compliance and Regulatory

Health, Safety and Environment

Human Resources, People and Talent

Interpersonal Skills

Leadership and Management


Programme and Project Management

Public Relations

Purchasing, Supply Chain and Logistics

Resilience Management

Risk Management

Security and Crisis Management

Soft and Transferable Skills

Training Design Team Management

Train The Trainer

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Delivering Bespoke Private Client and Professional Services

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