A Safe, Reliable Pair of Hands

For all our clients, personal and organisational, we like to keep things simple, provide peace of mind,

and provide reliable, high impact personalised professional services.

No gimmicks and no over promising. Actions speak louder than words.

An Outstanding Portfolio

We offer private, organisational and corporate clients an outstanding portfolio

of personal and professional services.

Values Based

We are a values-based firm, who believe in doing things right and doing the right thing.

People Focused

As a people centric firm, everything we do is focused on enabling, empowering, enhancing

and enriching people and their environments. 

Seeking Ambassadors, Agents and Local Business Partners

We are seeking ambassadors, agents and local business partners to support us and our business development,

capture and delivery in Europe, Asia and Africa, in particular countries such as India, China, Malaysia, Singapore, MENA and GCC.

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About Us

David Carruthers Associates is a boutique family private client and professional services firm, comprising partners, associates, consulting, specialist and freelance talent.

A premier British brand, for thirty-five years David Carruthers Associates has been delivering bespoke private and professional services to clients internationally; and is distinguished by its portfolio of added value and single source services, values, and exceptional levels of client commitment, engagement and service.

From a small family and Anglo-Arab firm based in and operating across The Middle and Far East, the firm has over our thirty-five-year history, successfully grown, developed, matured and evolved but never lost its integrity and core values.

Over that time, we have successfully built and developed an exceptional portfolio of private client and professional services to serve you and your organisation; delivered by British and Commonwealth talent of an outstanding professional calibre.

Having successfully served clients internationally, from governments and ministries, through military and blue-chip corporates, to SME’s and one-man businesses; we have garnered over the years an enviable depth and breadth of knowledge, expertise and experience, all of which we bring to your service.

Brexit Support

Are you seeking Brexit support to help ensure that you are ready on January 1st 2021? Then why not talk to use and see how we can bring our specialist Brexit and international business expertise and experience to help and support your business.

Our Mission Objective

Our mission objective is simple, to support to provide private, corporate and organisational clients with the bespoke and tailored personal and professional services and solutions that add value, address real world business or personal issue sand challenges, and hopefully enable, empower, enhance and enrich professional and personal lives and organisations.


Our Vision

Our vision is to become one of the UK’s premier boutique professional and personal services firms, with a reputation amongst both corporate and private clients for being distinguished by:


  • Our values, philosophy and ethos
  • Our exceptional private client and professional services’ portfolios
  • Our SMARTER, intelligent approach
  • Out outstanding client engagement and relations
  • Our professional expertise and international experience.
International Footprint

We have excellent international experience.

Headquartered in The United Kingdom in London and Edinburgh, our British focus is on England, Ireland and Scotland.

Complimenting this, we have European expertise and experience, in particular across France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Portugal and Switzerland; as well as Gibraltar, Malta and Turkey.

Finally, we are Middle and Far East specialists, with significant expertise and experience, as well as historic connections, across The Gulf Co-Operation Council region, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.

Communications & Resource Centre

Explore our latest news and communications, read our blog, and explore our articles, resources and guides,

which we hope will be informative and constructive for you.

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Delivering Bespoke Private Client and Professional Services

London | Edinburgh| Manchester| Dublin | Bahrain

Seeking Brexit Help?

We would be delighted to help support you in preparing for Brexit and January 1st 2021.

Thank-you for contacting us.

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