Assuring Best Foundations and Bright Futures

Providing SME’s with the high calibre professional people and talent to assure

their successful establishment, operations, development and future growth.

SME People and Talent Services


The Talent To Drive Your Success

Providing firms with the start-up specialist, technical and operational talent, expertise and experience to assure the best foundations are laid.

Supplying firms with the top flite interim executive, leadership and management personnel to drive and deliver your strategic, transformational and operational objectives, growth and development.

Sourcing the technical, project and contractor talent required by firms successfully drive and deliver those specialist and innovative initiatives.

Laying Sustainable Foundations

New venture start-ups, SME’s and family firms have their own unique requirements. As fellow entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand and have intimate knowledge of the operational environment and the challenges and issues which start-ups, and later growing and developing SME’s and family firms, face, in particular around people and talent agendas.

As professional specialist SME business coaches and mentors, we also know that, whether you are a one person or group start-up, having the right people, expertise and experience by your side can significantly boost your chances of success.

Our specialist SME and family firms’ people and talent mission objective is simple, to assure and support your ability not just to survive, but to grow, develop and thrive by having the right people and talent at the right time in the right roles.

Our end to end suite of through life people and talent services go far beyond simple recruitment and sourcing; we have the expertise and experience to work as your trusted people and talent partner, supporting you in building and developing organisational capability, capacity, optimising performance and productivity, from initial job scoping and descriptions,  through recruitment assessment and selection, to interim executives and professional development services.

So, whatever your people and talent requirements are, we are here to assure that not only does your start-up has access to the best internal and external people and talent with the specialist SME start-up expertise and experience you require to successfully launch your entrepreneurial adventure, thus assuring that your venture has the best possible foundations upon which to successfully build.

People and Talent Consulting

With our strategic human capital and HR business partnering expertise and experience, we offer clients internationally a suite of specialist, bespoke SME and family firms’ strategic people and talent consulting services.

These services are specifically designed so that working as your trusted people and talent partner, together we assure that you strategic, transformational and operational objectives, and people and talent agendas are fully aligned.

We take a SMARTER, holistic and intelligent approach, designed to deliver the closest possible alignment between your people and business frameworks, focused on assuring that your organisation can fulfil its fullest potential through a dynamic, agile and response people and talent ecosystem that drives and delivers sustainable performance, productivity, resilience, growth and development.

Interim Executive, Leadership and Management

As part of the natural growth and development of an SME or family firm, the founder will look to take their firm to next level; and start to think about building a senior leadership ‘team’ with the expertise and experience to help plan and deliver strategic, transformational and operational objectives; and drive further growth and development.

The deployment of interim executive, leadership and management personnel can add flexible, cost effective operational value to an SME or family firm, and through the expertise and experience of a senior level person, author and deliver real competitive advantage, transformation, innovation and organisational excellence.

Our bespoke interim executive, leadership and management services are focused on providing your organisation with the senior talent which will fit your organisation and provide you with the specialist and prioritised business, commercial or functional expertise and experience you seek to successfully author and drive the next phase of your organisational growth and development.

Our pool of senior level interim executives brings to firms exceptional business, commercial, leadership, management, project management and consulting added value; combining international senior level, multidisciplinary military, blue chip corporate and corporate, with specialist SME and family firms’ expertise and experience.

Leadership and Management Regimes

For both new start-ups and accelerated growth SME’s, especially those in areas such as professional services, technology, innovation and disruption, initial technical expertise may not translate into high-performance leadership and management expertise or experience. Within such an environment, areas such as compliance, governance and regulatory may not only be unfamiliar and challenging, but if the appropriate foundations and cultures are not laid, can potentially have catastrophic impact down the line.

With our outstanding depth and breadth of specialist multidisciplinary and SME experience. We have the expertise to support your organisation by authoring and delivering bespoke leadership, management, governance and compliance regimes and frameworks, so you can focus on what you do best, whilst resting assured that best practice leadership, management and compliance foundations are in place.


As a firm that is proudly people and talent focused, our specialist SME people and talent services never forget about the human dimension of organisations; and so our SME people and talent services are always founded upon seeing human capital as the drivers of a dynamic high-performance culture which is not only people and talent focused, but genuinely places human factors at the heart and soul of the organisation.

In our people and talent services and consulting we proactively place humanity and human factors at the heart of what we do, drawing upon lessons learnt from some of the highest performance and people focused best practice cultures and organisations in the world.


If organisations are to genuinely author and develop high-impact people and talent strategies that drive sustainable high-performance cultures, then they must consider the dynamic nature of The United Kingdom’s and the international workforce.

Access to and actively using diverse people and talent sources can reap rich dividends for organisations; ranging from the deployment of flexible, just in time contract and project specific expertise and experience, through reducing operational risk, to maximising financial cost effectiveness. The potential to achieve such dividends can only properly be achieved by taking a strategic rather than a transactional approach.

We are here to help organisations achieve these dividends.

Our SME People and Talent Portfolio

Our suite of specialist SME and family firms’ people and talent operational, consulting and advisory services encompass:

Career development and planning

Compensation and benefits

Employee engagement

International sourcing

Job roles, functions, scoping and responsibilities analysis

Recruitment and sourcing frameworks

Recruitment and sourcing platforms and tools

Reward and recognition

People and talent strategy modelling

Psychometric assessment and profiling

Succession planning

Recruitment management services, encompassing:

Advertisement writing

Candidate screening

Candidate short-listing


Job specifications, description, scope writing

Job offer and negotiation management

Reference, background and verification checks

Skill analysis

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