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Business Etiquette Services

International business, especially at senior levels, is about people. People do business with people; especially with those with that they feel a sense of warmth, comfort, kindred spirit, shared values and identity with.

At all professional levels, the ability to present oneself with polish, poise, presence and confidence is an exceptionally added value skill; for it reinforces and complements other areas such as our knowledge, skills and experience; and bestows both gravity and dignity.

It is critical that we know ourselves and are aware of the impression we give to others; and also to understand a myriad of factors that inform what constitutes business etiquette in an international environment. By harnessing the power of etiquette not only can we change our own lives for the better but enhance our potential for business success.

Our suite of business etiquette awareness and training services are designed to enrich, enhance, enable and empower your professional persona and success, at any organisational level.

From initial impressions, language, behaviour and manners; through interpersonal and correspondence skills; to understanding cultural awareness, nuances and differences; we bring our international expertise and experience to support, guide and advise you.


Across the world the breaking of bread, eating, drinking and feasting together is an innate and instinctive way of social and professional bonding, as well as celebration. ‘Formal’ occasions, be they private or public, can also be a potential cultural and etiquette minefield, whether within business or diplomatic environments.

As part of our business etiquette portfolio, we offer clients internationally two corollary business etiquette services designed to support, guide and advise you in safely navigating such potential social obstacles.

 We can guide you through the art and science of planning, managing and successfully hosting a formal business function; the social and business etiquette inherent in such events; and the multicultural traps that may catch the unsuspecting host; so that everyone enjoys themselves.

From formal lunches, dinners and receptions, to grander and larger formal and more ‘ceremonial’ occasions, we will guide you through the plethora of  etiquette and diplomatic rules, nuances and expectations, as well as the rich history, associated with such refined and polished occasions; so that your event will be the toast of the town.


Let us use our experience and expertise to take the strain and weigh of organising an exclusive corporate event off your shoulders, so that you can both focus on other areas, relax and enjoy the occasion.

We focus on hosting smaller, elite and exclusive corporate events for clients internationally, hosted at elite and exclusive private venues in London and outside.

As well as being able to organise corporate events such as lunches, dinners, receptions and special occasions; we also specialise in authoring and managing longer corporate events such as extended board and senior leadership ‘weekends’ at exclusive private country house venues, as well as team building and reward and recognition events.

Career Coaching and Interview Skills

Career coaching and mentoring can be powerful tools in developing not only one’s professional career, but also one’s own personal development, self-worth, sense of esteem and professional polish.

We offer professional clients a series of professional and executive career coaching and mentoring services; each carefully crafted to support you as your career develops and matures.

We have a special interest in supporting international professionals, as well as young executives who have been fast tracked.

For young professionals, or more mature professional who might be looking for career changes or restarts, we offer courses which are designed to take a broad, holistic approach, encompassing areas such as: career coaching; writing curriculum vitaes; professional and personal presence, presentation and polish; presentation skills; business and social etiquette; social networking and etiquette and interview excellence.

International Business and Culture

In the modern global business environment, working with and do business with multinational teams, partners and people is simply unavoidable. Knowing therefore the cultural background that informs international business etiquette across the globe can be critical.

To that extent, we offer clients internationally a suite of international business etiquette and cultural awareness services designed to maximise your potential business success. These include training and awareness across:


Cultural Briefings – across a range of European, Middle and far Eastern countries

Doing Business Series – comprising regional and country specific guides, including:

Doing Business In America – A Guide To British Business Culture and Etiquette

Doing Business In Britain – A Guide To British Business Culture and Etiquette

Doing Business In East and South East Asia – A Guide To East and South East Asian Business Culture and Etiquette

Doing Business In The Gulf Region – A Guide To British Business Culture and Etiquette

Language Training – First Impression Basics

Our Business Etiquette Portfolio

Our suite of operational, consulting and advisory  business etiquette services encompass:

Business Etiquette Training

Business Communication and Correspondence

Career Coaching

Corporate Hospitality and Etiquette

Cross Cultural Awareness and Training

International Business Etiquette Training

Interview Techniques and Preparation

Media Training and Consulting

Professional Interpersonal and Influencing Skills

Professional Presence, Presentation and Polish Consulting

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