Visions For Excellence

Our strategic consulting and advisory not only support the articulation of visions,

but the translation of those visions into oganisational and operational excellence.

Intelligence and Insight

Improving decision making and planning through insight and intelligence – from geostrategic to internal performance metrics.

Consulting Services


Translating Strategy Into Sustainable High Performance

Helping enterprises, organisations and businesses successfully plan, prepare for, navigate and shape their futures through high value and high impact strategy, intelligence and insight. 

Optimising operational performance, productivity and profitability for enterprises, organisations and businesses internationally, allowing them to design, build and develop the frameworks, systems, processes and talent which allows them to seize opportunities and enable, empower and enhance 360-degree excellence.

Helping and supporting enterprises, organisations and businesses address volatility and disruption; and build and develop sustainability, responsiveness and resilience.

High Impact Management Consulting

Supporting Sustainable Success

Enterprises, organisations and businesses are unique; dynamic, evolving and living organisms, which in the modern era operate in and across complex ecosystems and value chains; within a disruptive and volatile global environment; and face a myriad of threats, challenges and issues.

Within this context, the ability to be able to successfully plan, prepare for, navigate and shape their futures within such an environment is critical.

Our mission objective is to work in partnership, across all levels, to help assure that enterprises, organisations and businesses of all shapes and sizes achieve their strategic, transformational and operational objectives; build and develop their brand and value; drive competitive advantage, innovation and growth; empower performance, productivity and profitability; are sustainable, resilient; achieve their fullest potential; and flourish.

To ensure that we provide clients with high-impact advice and solutions which are real-world, business and commercially orientated we bring not just our extensive expertise, experience and insight, but our sophisticated, proprietary management consulting approach and framework and leading-edge consulting and specialist subject matter expertise approaches, techniques and tools.

This framework is designed to allow us to conduct a 360 degree, multi layered integrated strategic and operational deep dive from which we can build a more powerful enterprise, organisational and business perspective, and so prioritise and focus our services and solutions.

Our seven pillars are:

Strategy, Culture, Leadership and People

Architecture, Design, Development and Dynamics

Operational Optimisation –Performance, Productivity, Profitability

Resilience, Responsiveness and Sustainability

Business Management Systems

Innovation, Transformation and Change

Digital and Technology

Across all our consulting services, we bring to clients an enviable, depth and breadth of multidisciplinary and multi sector expertise and international experience.

We also take a smarter, intelligent and mission assurance-based approach, the cumulative approach of which we believe helps us to support clients in designing, building and developing enterprise, organisational and business excellence.

Our management consulting services and solutions are not only focused on enabling, empowering, enhancing and enriching enterprise, organisational and business experiences, but supporting them to successfully address and overcome the strategic and operational issues and challenges which they face; drive agendas and initiatives; and being able to constructively evolve as powerful learning organisations.

Across all our consulting services, we also place an emphasis on adding value through building, developing and supporting internal talent and capability through combining consulting services with coaching, mentoring, learning and development.

Strategic Consulting

Strategic consulting is a privilege, as it provides an opportunity to support enterprises, organisations and businesses in planning and preparing for, navigating and shaping their futures within a disruptive and volatile global environment.

We work with boards, ‘C’ suite and senior leadership teams and stakeholders to help assure that enterprises, organisations and businesses of all shapes and sizes have in place the top level and strategic pillars which will underwrite and then translate into organisational and operational excellence.

To facilitate this, we focus on seven key strategy pillars:

Strategic compliance

Strategy formulation, planning and leadership

Strategic transformation innovation, growth, value and advantage

Strategic resilience

Strategic communications

Strategic supply chain management

Strategic enterprise, organisational and business architecture, design, development and dynamics

Through these seven pillars, we help and support enterprises, organisations and businesses to:

  • Formulate intelligent, smarter strategy
  • Translate that strategy into organisational and operational excellence
  • Design, develop and lead high-performance cultures
  • Design effective higher level ‘organisational’, structures, systems and frameworks
  • Build and develop strategic brand and value
  • Design, build and develop competitive advantage and growth
  • Be able to design, develop and lead effective transformation, change, innovation and constructive international disruption
  • Build and develop strategic resilience and sustainability


Working with specialist strategic and collaborative partners, we can author bespoke specialist deep data, machine learning and AI solutions.


Whilst we place a premium and emphasis upon data and information, we never forget that the most powerful intelligence environments understand the power of human intelligence – or insight. We bring to clients the insight that reinforces intelligence, borne out our exemplary multidisciplinary, multi sector international experience.


The digital revolution is an opportunity for all organisations to embrace; and use to both internal and external advantage. To capitalise upon the power of digital, it has to be incorporated into a coherent, co-ordinated and integrated strategic, transformational and operational framework.

Our digital consulting services have a single mission objective, to position organisations to effectively and dynamically harness digital disruption, power and technology to sustainably enhance value, performance, productivity and profitability.

We take a holistic approach to our digital consulting, placing it with an organisational ecosystem that encompasses multidimensional facets, across strategic, transformational and operational dimensions.

We also seek to ensure that digital strategies are deeply embedded into high performance cultures; from strategic MARCOMS and business planning; through the use of deep data across business and management systems; to engaging with and enriching customers’ experience and value to the deployment of technology and the engagement and empowerment of personnel around the use of digital technology.

Key digital areas we explore are:


  • Client and customer engagement, enrichment and experience
  • Digital disruption and transformation
  • Digital deployment
  • Digital marketing, communications and services
  • Digital operations
  • Digital and technological strategy
  • Information, communications and technology strategy, capacity and capability


Along with our ADI specialists, and strategic and collaborative partners, we have the capability to author bespoke digital and technological solutions for clients; from AI and machine learning, through digital marketing; to data, intelligence, insight and analytics; to design and project management tools and services.

So, whatever digital agendas and initiatives, or challenges and issues, you have, talk to us and let us see if we can bring our expertise and experience to successfully serve and support you.


In the modern world, organisations of all sizes and shapes need to be able to successfully respond not only to everyday issues and challenges; but to powerful and disruptive knowledge, technological and digital forces.

Our agile consulting and advisory services, lead by members of the Lyre Group, are designed to ensure that your organisation is agile and storm proof, and so able strategically, tactically and operationally to respond to internal and external transformation, change and threats; and harness disruption, turning potential threats into opportunities for enhanced performance, productivity, profitability, growth and development.

Our agile consulting has two distinct, but complementary, pillars; corporate resilience and sure footedness; and iterative innovation and transformation. Our mission objective is to support organisations in embedding agility into their high-performance culture.

To achieve this, we take a SMARTER*, intelligent and holistic approach; from strategy to operations, across all organisational levels, business units, functions, stakeholders and supply chains; using our proprietary STORM* and P4I2E4* diagnostics, tools, techniques and frameworks to analyse current agility, and then propose solutions and support the implementation, development and enhancement  of an agile culture across your organisation that positions you to be able to effectively and successfully respond strategically, tactically and operational to whatever disruptive forces you encounter.

So, from whatever your strategic, transformational, operational or programme and project objectives issues, challenges and agendas are, let us see if we can bring our agile consulting to serve and support you for measurable and sustainable success.

Think of us as your fly half – orchestrating resilience, sustainability and success!


The most successful operational environments are underwritten by a robust and rigorous ecosystem which is designed to engineer mission success and exceptional performance.

Developed from a blend of military, aviation and engineering platforms, our organisational mission assurance consulting and advisory services represent the purest, deepest, broadest and most forensic form of holistic organisational and operational assessment, diagnosis and evaluation.

Our OMA consulting has one simple mission objective, to ensure that operational performance and productivity is optimised and mission success assured as rigorously and robustly as possible.

Our OMA consulting views the organisation as an ecosystem, built on two living and integrated strands – environment and expression. Using our proprietary CAATT SCAN*, we take a layered, atomistic systems engineering approach to organisational architecture, operations and performance, deconstructing it to then build in and develop a rigorous and dynamic organisational and business mission assurance cultural fabric.

At the heart of this are the two integrated strands – environment and expression. Our mission assurance consulting seeks to ensure the highest performance cultures – the environment; which in turn breeds performance, productivity, ‘profitability’ – the expressions of organisational success. Combined effectively, these two strands allow an organisation to grow, develop, and evolve.

The most powerful building blocks in our OMA framework are the deployment and development of deep data and intelligence business and performance management systems; embedding dynamic risk analysis and management; and encouraging controlled innovation and disruption, across all organisational levels.

So, if you are considering how to assure and enhance your corporate culture and performance, let us see if we can bring our organisational mission assurance expertise and experience to serve and support you.


It really is very simple. No customers or clients, no business or organisation. So, survival, let alone growth, must be premised on attracting market share.

Our strategic marketing and communications consulting is designed to support organic, structured and sustainable growth; and a strategic, transformational and operational marketing and communications capability and capacity that is dynamic and responsive.

Taking a SMARTER*, intelligence led and customer / client centric approach, that is crafted backwards; from securing a repeat client who shows loyalty to your brand and organisation. Our building blocks are our proprietary D3ITE* paradigm, which focuses around optimising bespoke client experiences and interactions; communicating and building brand; and using deep data to understand and service bespoke client requirements.

Key areas we address are:


  • Advocacy and brand ambassadorship
  • Client and customer behaviours, engagement and experience
  • Deep data use
  • Market intelligence, insights and segmentation
  • Digital and online presence
  • Disruption and innovation
  • Pricing
  • Route to market
  • Sales management
  • Strategic branding
  • Strategic marketing and communications
  • Technological use


With our ADI specialist capability, we also have the ability to author bespoke, intelligence, Ai and machine learning solutions.

So, whatever your strategic marketing and communications issues, challenges and agendas might be, let us bring our expertise and experience to serve and support you.

Operational Consulting

Our operational consulting is focused on operational optimisation – at enterprise, organisational, business levels, across departments and functions. Working with leaders, managers and professional teams we help clients to design, build and develop the cultures and frameworks which will enable, enhance and empower performance, productivity and profitability.

To facilitate this, we focus on 12 key operational pillars:

 Business Innovation and Design

Business and Quality Management Systems

Business Processes and (re) Engineering

Commercial and financial Management


Leadership and Development


Operations Management

Organisational Design, Development and Dynamics


Purchasing, Supply and Logistics

Security, Crisis and Risk Management

Our Specialist Sectors Expertise and Experience

Aerospace and Aviation

Banking and Finance

Business Services

Capital Projects and Infrastructure

Charities / Third Sector

Construction and Built Environment


Education and Training


Environmental and Sustainability

Government and Public Services


Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism

Oil, Gas and Energy

Media and Publishing

Nationalisation Projects

Power and Utilities

Programme and Project Management

Real Estate

Retail and Consumer

Security, Crisis and Emergency Management

Technology and Information


Transport and Logistics

Our Management Consulting Portfolio

Our suite of strategic and operational management consutling and advisory services encompass:

Strategic Consulting

Key strategic consulting and advisory services include:

 Business modelling and transformation

Business strategy

Corporate strategy

Digital and technological strategy

Functional strategy


Organisational strategy

Mergers and acquisitions

Strategic disruption and innovation

Strategic human capital

Strategic finance

Strategic marketing and communications

Strategy and operations

Strategic security and resilience

Operational Consulting

Key operational consulting and advisory services include:

 Business architecture and design

Business coaching and mentoring

Business innovation and design

Business operations and management

Business development

Business and quality management systems

Business process (re) engineering

Commercial and financial management

Communications management

Client engagement

Digital disruption

Information, communications, computing and technology

International pathfinding


ISO standards and benchmarking

Leadership and Development

Marketing and communications

Media management

Outsourcing and managed services advisory and brokerage

Operations management and optimisation

Organisational Design, Development and Dynamics

People and talent

Purchasing, Supply and Logistics

Public relations

Resilience management

Risk management

Security and crisis management

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