End To End Integrated Enterprise Services

Providing sole traders, micro, SME’s and family firms with specialist and comprehensive operational and integrated enterprise support services.

Specialist SME

Business, Managed and Outsourced Enterprise Services


End To End and Through Life Support For Your Growing Business

Providing SME’s and family firms with specialist, flexible, scalable and cost effective professional, operational and integrated enterprise support services.

A comprehensive portfolio of addded value, pragmatic, specialist services, business and commercially focused, to support your operations.

The support and servcies designed to allow you to focus on doing what you do best, delivering, developing and growing your business.

Professional, Business, Outsourced and Managed Services

Today, tomorrow, this week, next week, next month your operational requirements as an SME and family firm will inevitably change and evolve. What you need now may not be what you need in the future.

Coupled with this, all organisations and firms can benefit from help and support sometimes. For sole traders, micro, SME and family firms, especially in their early days and at selected specialist points and phases in their process of maturing, alongside professional services, access to brokered, outsourced and managed services can have real tangible operational and business benefits.

The core business functions, processes and requirements of organisations and firms, whatever their size and shape, differ little. SME’s however have unique and special requirements as a consequence of their, at least initially, limited resources and expertise, but they still require professional, best practice and sophisticated services, albeit on a smaller and less complex and scale.

Importantly, SME’s require cost effective, reliable, flexible, scalable, pragmatic and practical support, which can be quickly implemented.

Our mission objective as your trusted business partner is to provide SME clients internationally with an outstanding added value, single source and bespoke portfolio of integrated business and enterprise services that meet those requirements; providing you with the peace of  mind that your firm has the professional backroom, ofice and operatio nal support to allow you to focus on what you do best, running your business.

And whilst that portfolio may be specially focused on SME’s, their quality is top notch. Complementing our own capability and capacity, we only work with a network of handpicked and trusted collaborative and strategic partners who add value and deliver excellence. We also offer clients the ultimate flexibility, from pay as you go, through outsourced to fully managed services.

Like all our professional and other services, we ensure that solutions are bespoke to your unique requirements, priorities and that they deliver an added value, SMARTER, intelligent and superior experience for you.

The advantages of outsourced, managed and integrated enterprise services

For clients of all sizes ……


Cost effective


Proactive savings








Added value


Reduced risk


Operational peace of mind


Allows you to focus on your business


Single source of integrated support services


End to end and through life support


A SMARTER, intelligent and co-ordinated approach


Dynamic, agile, responsive services and solutions


Bespoke and tailored to you


Enhanced business and operational capacity and capability


Enhanced effectiveness and efficiency


Professional expertise and experience


We offer sole traders, micro, SME and family firm clients internationally a series of specialist intelligence and insight subscription services, through which clients receive weekly, monthly and ad hoc specialist UK, European and international intergrated enterprise service news, intelligence, insights, analysis, briefings, guides and papers directly applicable to them. Subscription services are available at four levels:


  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

Virtual, Remote and Outsourced Talent

The ability to have access to a highly skilled, but pool of flexible, specialist professional and functional talent can be enormously important to SME’s and family firms who have shifting operational requirements, especially in challenging and disruptive times.

Our team of specialist virtual, remote and outsourced talent provides SME’s and family firms with a single source of highly skilled and experienced professional talent which can be deployed on a full, just in time and on demand talent as a service (TAAS) basis.

As offering clients significant operational cost savings, our TAAS capability simultaneously provide clients with the peace of mind that their operational and functional requirements are successfully met; and help assure that potential operational risk and failure – such as office-based employees being sick, on holiday or lacking skills you need – are mitigated.

Perhaps most importantly, our TAAS capability brings to clients significant added value by providing clients with access to not just single person but a potential team.


We offer sole traders, micro, SME and family firm clients internationally a range of integrated, standalone and added value professional, managed, outsourced and intergrated enterprise service packages, targeted specifically at their specialist needs. These include:


  • Bronze Level Business and Enterprise Services Package
  • Silver Level Business and Enterprise Services Package
  • Gold Level Integrated Enterprise Services Package
  • Platinum Level Bespoke IES Package

The Golden Eight

We offer SME and family firms eight specialist start up and incubation managed, business and outsourced enterprise services, designed to allow you to focus on your business, not the operational and back-office set up.

These golden eight include:

  1. People and Talent
  2. Information, Communications, Computing and Technology
  3. Accounting, Bookkeeping, Payroll and Financial Management
  4. Human Resources, Health and Safety, Regulatory, Compliance and Legal
  5. Sales, Marketing and Communications
  6. Back Office and Operational Support
  7. Customer Services
  8. Coaching, Mentoring and Consulting services

For these eight services, we offer SME clients internationally a series of integrated enterprise support packages, designed to provide graduated, scalable and prioritised services bespoke for you.

Our SME Business, Enterprise, Outsourced and Managed Services Portfolio

Our suite of specialist SME business, enterprise, outsourced and managed operational, consulting and advisory services include:

AI, automation and machine learning

Brand management


Collaboration and partnership management

Digital and online presence

Event planning

Graphic Design

Information, communications, computing and technology

Interim leadership, management and specialist personnel

International business life support

Office equipment

Office set up and management

People and talent – outsourced, virtual and remote

Publishing and printing

Purchasing, procurement, supply and logistics

Records management

Recruitment, assessment and selection

Security Crisis and Risk


Translation and interpretation

Website development

Writing, copy writing, editing and proofreading

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