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Achieving organisational and business excellence and performance through outstanding senior leaders.

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Outstanding Leadership Driving and Inspiring

Organisational Excellence and High Performance

Developing world class leaders with the knowledge, skills, competencies and attributes to successfully build, develop and drive high performance cultures, teams and operational excellence.

Supporting leaders who serve their organisations, privilege people and values, can translate strategic vision into operational success, lead transformation, innovation and change and foster talent across every organisational level.

Achieving organisational resilience, sustainability and success in a complex, dynamic and volatile international environment through high impact leadership across all organisational levels.

Leadership For Tomorrow

Perhaps more than ever, in these times of global disruption, volatility and transformation organisations, businesses and teams require outstanding leadership across all organisational levels.

From ‘C’ suite strategic, transformational and operational leadership to first line team leadership, the benefits of leadership excellence upon organisations, teams and people are enormous; from vision and values, through high performance cultures and enhanced productivity; to high levels of morale, esprit de corps and emotional intelligence within an organisation.

Every organisation, of whatever size and shape; from micro SME’s to large multinationals and from teams of 2 to 2,000; deserves and requires top notch leadership and management talent across all organisational levels if they are going to successfully flourish, achieve their strategic, transformational, tactical and operational objectives; and realise their full potential.

Our leadership development mission objective is simple, to help organisations achieve this through supporting and developing the leadership and management talent across all organisational levels with the knowledge, skills, competencies and attributes to successfully and confidently drive and deliver organisational excellence, resilience and sustainability and high performance cultures, and teams.

Our leadership development services provide clients internationally with leadership development services designed for every organisational level, from new first line team leaders and supervisors, through junior, middle and senior level managers, to ‘C’ suite personnel.

We take pride in ensuring that our leadership development is grounded in, aligned to and benchmarked against British, Australian, Canadian and New Zealand armed forces, as well as UK professional, leading and academic bodies’ leadership, management and people standards.

Our services focus on developing leaders and managers across all organisational levels who understand the importance of service, values; blend a people, pastoral, performance and productivity perspective; can enable, empower, engage, enrich and inspire their organisations and professional lives of their teams, people and talent; and can author, build, develop, drive and lead high performance organisational, departmental or functional cultures, teams and operations; as well as competitive advantage.

In our leadership development and management training we take a pragmatic, practical real-world approach looking to enable and empower leaders and managers across all organisational levels who can demonstrate, within the organisational, business and commercial environments within which they work and operate, a combination of leadership and technical management knowledge, skills, competencies and attributes which will allow them to confidently, successfully and effectively translate strategy into operational ; drive and lead constructive transformation, innovation, disruption and change; enhance performance and productivity; and assure organisational resilience, sustainability and success.

When working with organisational and individual clients alike, we take care to understand both leaders as individuals, as well as organisational dynamics, cultures and teams, so that we can help both organisations and individual leaders and managers across all organisational levels balance their preferred and natural leadership styles and optimise their leadership and management impact within the cultures, context and environments within which they work.


Inspiring Future Leaders

We take particular pride in supporting and developing tomorrow’s future leaders in organisations of all shapes and sizes, especially potential female leaders in the Middle East as well as encouraging those who may not see themselves as potential leaders.

We provide specialist graduate, junior leader, young entrepreneurs and SME leadership support and development services for clients internationally; and feel that with our leadership and development expertise and experience garnered across government, military, blue chip corporate, corporate and SME environments internationally, we can offer something different and special.

Management Training

We offer clients internationally a comprehensive suite of management training and development services, from essential through to advanced level management knowledge, skills, competencies and attributes, all designed to help assure that leaders and managers maximise the effectiveness, efficiency, performance and productivity of their functions and departments.

As well as supporting the development of individual managers’ knowledge, skills and competencies, we also help support organisational clients’, especially SME and Family firms, author, build and develop best practice business, administration and quality management frameworks and systems.

High Performance and Excellence Mindset

Across our leadership development and management training we place a premium on developing high performance mindsets.

We start by fostering, developing and encouraging the self-belief that you can successfully develop the leadership and high-performance attributes and attitudes required to successfully demonstrated confident leadership presence.

Our foundation for leadership development and management training is that critical to organisational, operational high-performance, excellence and high-impact leadership and management is the correct mindset. As such we like to foster in leaders the courage to reflect, challenge themselves, push boundaries, and question constructively and critically. Above all, we like to reinforce the critical importance of an unequivocal commitment to and pursuit of excellence.

It is through such a state of mind that leaders can successfully develop, drive and lead transformation, innovation and disruption; harness the power of technology, artificial intelligence, deep data and machine learning; and develop, drive and lead organisational and operational excellence, high performance, resilience, sustainability and competitive advantage.


We have a special interest in supporting and helping the development of female organisational and business leaders, especially in the Middle East.

From young female leaders in their first junior leadership and management role, to senior and experienced female leaders, we are delighted to help support, develop and unleash the potential power that female leadership can bring to the region.


We have specialist expertise and experience in helping clients of all shapes and sizes across multiple sectors and disciplines  author, build and develop senior leadership and management regimes, either as formally required in highly regulated sectors; or for organisations who wish to use such frameworks to establish bespoke in house senior leadership and management regime frameworks, benchmarked against and aligned to such best practice standards.

Such senior leadership and management regimes can prove to be enormously powerful and beneficial to all organisations at appropriate stages in their growth and development, providing a clear framework through which senior level  leaders and managers can individually and collectively understand  and take ownership of their roles and responsibilities; conduct their professional lives; build, develop and lead high performance operational and compliance cultures; and reduce risk.


SME’s and Family firms, especially in their incubation, stabilisation and growth phases as they scale up, may not only require but desire specialist business leadership support, expertise and experience. For many SME business owners, their focus, quite naturally, is on successfully getting ideas and business off the ground and becoming viable and sustainable. As businesses develop, grow and scale business owners may feel that either lack or need to develop their leadership knowledge, skills and development, or that indeed they require the support of leadership individuals and teams with greater organisational and business leadership, management and specialist skills, expertise and experience.

When working with teams and others, even the smallest SME’s can benefit from having in place best practice leadership and management frameworks as early and quickly as possible; and for family firm’s such frameworks can be even more critical.

We bring to SME and family firms’ clients internationally our combined specialist SME and family’s firms’ business coaching and mentoring and leadership training and development expertise and experience.


We offer specialist support and development for junior and graduate leaders, in particular graduates who are direct entry into leadership and management roles. For such clients, our leadership development and support focus is providing the practical and pragmatic knowledge, skills, competencies and attributes required to be able to not only successfully and effectively fulfil their leadership and management roles, but to fulfil their potential and become outstanding leaders.


We also offer specialist support and development for new leaders who are in their first 100 days. Again, there is a very pragmatic and practical leadership and management development focus on the knowledge, skills, competencies and attributes required to be able to not only successfully and effectively fulfil their roles.

Our Leadership Development and Management Training Portfolio

Our suite of leadership development and management training operational, advisory and consulting services encompass:


Advanced Leadership

Advanced Management

Bespoke In-House Leadership and Management Training and Development

Business Owners’ Leadership

Competency Standards and Frameworks

Entrepreneurial Leadership Development

Executive Coaching and Mentoring

Family Firms’ Leadership

First Line Supervisory Leadership

Governance, Compliance and Regulatory

Junior Leaders

Leadership Coaching and Mentoring

Leadership Development and Training

Leading Diversity

Leadership Excellence

Leading High-Performance Cultures and Teams

Leading Innovation, Technological and Digital Disruption

Leading Multiple and Complex Projects

Leading Transformation and Change Management

Leading Organisational Resilience

Leading International Teams

Mission Assurance

Organisational Design and Development

Senior Leadership and Management Regimes

Strategic Leadership

Talent Management


Business Intelligence, Analysis and Planning

Busines and Quality Management Systems

Change Management

Coaching and Mentoring

Commercial Management

Communications Management

Compliance and Regulatory

Data, Intelligence and Machine Learning

Decision Making

Financial Management



Performance, Outcomes and Results Measurement and Metrics

Performance Management

Programme and Project Leadership

Risk Management

Security and Crisis Management

Strategic planning

Talent Management

Time Management

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