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Every parent wants nothing other than the very best for their children’s future, and to see their offspring happy, fulling their potential, dreams and aspirations.

Achieving this successfully requires careful, judicious and intelligent decision making.

It is critical that universities are carefully chosen so that time spent there is not only academically enriching, empowering and rewarding; but also contributes towards providing for each individual a safe, secure and happy environment, affording personal development, and enrichment; all laying the foundations for successful future lives.


For clients internationally we offer potential Oxbridge and elite Russell Group universities’ introduction, induction, interview, academic and socialisation preparation programmes, courses and events. These are designed to provide parents and potential applicants with an insider’s understanding of exactly what life at such elite universities is like, what the universities are seeking in applicants, and how best to navigate the application process.


Through our strategic partner, we offer clients internationally the opportunity to attend two- and four-week residential summer schools which are designed to provide opportunities for applicants to Oxbridge and elite Russell Group universities with an opportunity to really challenge themselves intellectually and academically, develop their potential and enjoy a taste of the intellectual standards enjoyed at such universities.

Tutors and lecturers are current or former teaching, resident members or alumni of the universities; as well as guest tutors and lecturers of the highest academic calibre; and participants have an opportunity to explore and enjoy a broad programme of academic disciplines, developing an academic breadth and depth expected at such premier universities.

Carruthers Associates brings to exclusive clients internationally significant education consulting expertise and experience, as well as specialist Oxbridge, Russel Group universities knowledge.

We have first-hand experience ourselves, coupled with an extensive universities’ network, of elite and exclusive universities to be able to successfully guide and advise you.

Through our UK university services, we look to guide families and applicants in how best to navigate their options and develop strategies to achieve their UK university goals by taking an in depth, holistic, tailored and through life approach; providing honest, objective and SMARTER* feedback, recommendations and options.

Our Universities’ Portfolio

Our universities’ operational, consulting and advisory portfolio encompass:

Universities’ selection advice

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In Country Life Support

Private Tutoring

UK Visa Advice and Support

Universities’ Guidance and Advice

University Tours –  at selected universities and by arrangement and invitation.

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