Expatriate Services

Supporting expatriates and their families at home and overseas.

Expatriate Services


Supporting You and Your Family In Your International Adventure

Expatriate Services

Intelligent, Agile and Responsive Services For Expatriates By Expatriates

The Complete Journey

From Preparing For Your International Deployment, To Resettling Back At Home.

The Complete Family     

Supporting Your Entire Family At Home And Overseas

Expatriate Services

The life of the international expatriate can be rewarding in many different ways. Financial benefits, the opportunity to see and live in exotic and exciting new countries, making new lifelong friends and memories and broadening horizons are all part of the benefits.

Relocating overseas, however experienced one is, can also be stressful and problematic, especially if we don’t receive the correct levels of support. Further, settling into a new assignment and country can bring with it unique challenges and issues.

Our expatriate services are not only designed to support you as an individual and your family’s relocation, but to provide support whilst you are overseas, as well as your return home when the times comes. Ultimately, we never forget that we are dealing with people, and of course VIPs’ – those very important pets, who are family as well. And as expatriates ourselves, with generations of experience, we know only too well what your adventure, good and bad, might encompass.


A key reason for accepting expatriate opportunities is for the financial benefit, for example the ability to earn a tax-free salary. Through our core team and strategic partners, we offer expatriates both financial and tax advice as well as practical in country financial and banking advice.


Whilst we support clients internationally, we have expertise and experience supporting clients from and deploying to:

Asia – Brunei, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore

Africa – Egypt, Kenya, South Africa

Europe – Austria, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Portugal,

Mediterranean – Cyprus, Gibraltar and Malta

Middle East – Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, United Arab Emirates

We specialise in supporting United Kingdom and European clients in relocating to The Middle and Far East; as well as clients internationally relocating to The United Kingdom and Europe.

So why not come and talk to us, and see if our advice, guidance, support and services can help you and your family to make your expatriate career and life a more rewarding, success and stress-free experience.

Our Expatriate Services’ Portfolio

Our suite of operational, consulting and advisory expatriate services includes:

Country Briefings

Cultural Awareness and Understanding

Deployment Home Country Support Services

Hostile, Hardship and Challenging Environments Programme

Family Relocation Support and Mentoring Services

Financial and Taxation Advice, Support and Brokerage

Immigration and Visa Advice, Support and Brokerage

In Country Life Support

International Career Preparation Programme

Languages Training

Medical Advice, Support and Brokerage

Relocation Management Services

Repatriation Support

Travel Management

Security Awareness

Your International Business Partner

Delivering Bespoke Private Client and Professional Services

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