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End to end HR services, from the strategic to transactional, for organisations of all shapes and sizes, for clients internationally.

Productive and Protected

Helping organisations build productive, positive and protected working environments.

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As our world, cultures and organisational and business environments change and evolve, so must HR, and our people and talent

services and solutions reflect this, blending traditional values with modernity.


People and HR Business Partnering Services


Powering your organisation through people and talent.

Providing best practice and leading-edge, comprehensive, flexible, scalable, people, talent and HR services and solution for clients internationally.

Providing sole traders, micro, SME and family firms internationally with specialist people, talent and HR services, for every step of your organisational journey, from start-up to international expansion.

The people, talent and HR services and support to successfully help you grow, develop and optimise your organisation and business, taking her to the next level.

People and Talent Services

The single most important asset that any organisation has are its people and talent. Unfortunately, authoring, developing, driving and leading high-performance people cultures can be complex and sometimes harder to achieve than expected. In dealing with people and talent agendas and initiatives, leaders and managers have to address and balance not just organisational and business challenges, objectives and requirements, but potentially challenging, sensitive and complex issues facing people, with all their hopes, fears, expectations and wishes, amongst others.

Nobody knows your organisation, business, people and talent better than you, but everyone needs support and help sometimes. We are here to provide you with the people and talent support.

We pride ourselves on providing an integrated portfolio of professional services to clients of all shapes and sizes internationally; and as a people firm, at the very heart and soul of our professional services portfolio are people, talent and HR services.

A SMARTER Approach

Our SMARTER people, talent and HR services and solutions are commercially astute, practical and pragmatic; designed to help organisations develop the world class and leading edge people and talent agendas and initiatives which enable, empower, enhance and enrich employee experiences; making organisations preferred employers and boosting performance, productivity, resilience, sustainability and success.

Like all our professional services, our people and talent specialists bring to clients not only their extensive, senior level international leadership, management and operational experience and expertise; but their added value multidisciplinary and multi sector experience and expertise.


We offer clients internationally a range of integrated, standalone and added value managed and outsourced people, talent and HR service packages. These include:


  • Bronze Level People Package
  • Silver Level People and Talent Package
  • Gold People and Talent Package
  • Platinum Level People and Talent Package


As part of our people and talent portfolio of services and solutions, we offer clients internationally integrated and specialist Health, Safety and Environment services and solutions, designed to help assure both regulatory compliance, reduce operational risk, and foster the implementation of best practice HSE, safe and sustainable cultures and environments.

For sole traders, start-ups, micro, SME and family firm clients we provide a range of HSE kits, designed to provide quick, professional and no-nonsense basic HSE frameworks, systems, documentation, guidance and advice.

Our specialist HSE suite of services and support includes:


  • Accident and incident reporting
  • Health, safety and environment auditing
  • Health, safety and environment manual
  • Health, safety and environment protocol, polices and procedures
  • Risk management framework, assessment and awareness
  • Statutory requirements awareness and auditing
  • Sustainability framework, assessment and awareness
  • Working safely awareness and guides


We can also provide for client’s specialist First Aid and Fire training.


We provide clients internationally with specialist people, talent and HR functions governance, compliance and regulatory support helping people, talent and HR functions to author, lead and drive best practice and leading edge organisational governance, compliance and regulatory cultures, frameworks and systems, especially for those organisations who operate in specialist sectors where governance, compliance and regulatory, along with senior leadership and management, regimes are critical to those organisations.


Our specialist professional people and talent managed and outsourced services are designed to assure your organisation, of whatever shape or size, has the professional expertise and experience by your side that allows you to focus on what you do best, run, develop and grow your organisation and business successfully.

We provide clients internationally with best practice, bespoke, flexible, cost effective and end to end people and talent operational and advisory services across the people cycle; from documentation authoring, through remote phone and online support, to setting up, running and managing fully fledged people and talent functions.


We offer clients internationally a series of people, talent and HR intelligence and insight subscription services, through which clients receive weekly, monthly and ad hoc specialist UK, European and international people, talent and HR news, intelligence, insights, analysis, briefings, guides and papers.

Subscription services are available at four levels:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum


We have extensive experience and expertise in setting up best practice and leading edge people and talent functions for clients internationally.

Based on, aligned to and benchmarked the highest British and Commonwealth standards, such functions are also culturally localised and compliant with national people, organisational, business and other regulatory and compliance standards.

We have particular expertise and experience in serving and supporting MENA and Asian clients.


We have authored specialist leadership, management and operational regimes’ (LMOR) frameworks, which organisations of all shapes and sizes can use as flexible framework templates. These LMOR frameworks are drawn from both our international general organisational and business experience; as well as with lead governance, compliance and regulatory sectors and models, such as the FCA’s Senior Manager’s Regime. We have blended these standards, along with ISO, UK government, British and Commonwealth military and best practice multidisciplinary frameworks’ and standards’ pillars to provide a flexible, scalable and agile frameworks which organisations of all shapes and sizes can use to successfully and effectively implement tailored leadership and management regimes, through which they can drive organisational excellence, resilience and high performance.

Central pillars of our LMOR frameworks and working with clients is helping them to fully understand the nature, function, structure and added value of such regimes; and the expected leadership, professional and personal attributes, conduct, responsibilities and standards involved.


We can provide clients internationally, especially SME and family firms, with both top notch people and talent specialists, as well as leadership, management and specialist ‘technical’ personnel, on an interim, project or contract basis.

We take great care, especially with SME’s, to assure that such personnel not only bring their specialist and multidisciplinary and added value expertise and experience to bear; and can work intimately with business owners, leaders, manager and stakeholders across all organisational levels; but fit into your culture, understand your vision, mission and values, and can proactively support business owners and help foster your growth, resilience and success.


We provide clients internationally with specialist people, talent and HR services for sole traders, start-ups, micro firms, SME’s and family firms.

From a sole trader start-up, to an accelerated growth SME, we have significant and intimate expertise and experience working with entrepreneurs, business owners and family firms; after all we are ourselves a boutique family firm. In working with such originations, we understand the blood, sweat, tool tears, challenges and issues that you can face; and we want you to enjoy the well earnt success you deserve.

We believe in helping such SME’s assure that right form the start they are aware off and lay the best practice people, talent, governance, compliance, regulatory foundations which will help assure your success; and create the positive, productive and rich cultures, employee experiences, environment and relationships.

As SME’s, we assure that our people and talent services are appropriate, SMARTER, flexible, pragmatic and practical; and designed to help support your primary objective, that of founding, incubating, stabilising and then successfully developing and growing a successful business.

We provide SME client with a range of people kits, designed to provide quick, professional and no-nonsense basic people and compliance frameworks, systems, documentation, guidance and advice.

Our SME people and talent specialists bring to SME clients not only the expertise and experience outlined above, but dedicated sole trader, SME and family firm expertise and experience; and the joys and pain of setting up, developing and growing successful SME’s.

Our People and HR Services Portfolio

 Our portfolio of people and HR business partnering operational, consulting and advisory services encompass:

Administration ++

Career path planning

Coaching and mentoring

Codes of conduct

Compensation and benefits

Communications management

Competency frameworks and standards


Cross cultural awareness




Employment law

Employee relations, engagement and experience

Executive mentoring

Executive development

Global mobility




Inductions and orientations

Information, reporting and management systems

Internal auditing

International people and talent

International teams

Interim and remote specialists

Job analysis and profiling

Organisational design, development and dynamics


Performance management

People operations, frameworks and systems ++

Programme and project management


Remote working


Reward and recognition

Protocols, policies and procedures

Recruitment, assessment and selection

Succession planning

Software and information, communications, computing, collaboration and technology platforms and subsystems

Talent management

Terminations, resignations

Training, learning and development

Transformation and change management

Turnover management



++ Such as absenteeism, sickness, holiday, maternity and paternity, dress codes, employee privacy.

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