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You Are Not Alone.

The role of being an organisational and business leader carries special responsibilities and burdens as well as the potential rewards. As senior international organisational and business leaders, we know all too well the human, personal and professional perspectives that senior leaders need to balance; as well as the physically, emotionally and professional pressures, challenges and stresses that leaders, especially in difficult and disruptive times, can face. We also understand the need on occasion to be able to seek the advice of a trusted peer, share and discuss ideas, or even just receive some moral and emotional support.

Our specialist executive coaching and mentoring services are specifically designed for international organisational and business ‘C’ suite and senior leaders, as well as business owners; with a focus on helping them enhance and optimise organisational, operational and business growth, development, performance and productivity; as well as help successfully meet, address and resolve challenges and issues that they may face.

Our executive coaches are senior level military, organisational and business leaders, who bring with them a wealth of added value, international organisational and business strategic, transformational and operational leadership expertise and experience; and so the opportunity for clients to work with such external, disinterested and impartial peers of an excellent professional and personal pedigree, calibre and credibility to can be invaluable.

We also bring to clients internationally our network of talent, as well as opportunities for clients to meet and engage with other senior level personnel, as well as potentially open doors.

When mentoring executives, we bring a particular focus on and expertise in world class leadership development but explored within a holistic executive and organisational development and dynamics environmental cultural context and perspective.

Even the most senior international organisational and business leaders can encounter new challenges situations and tests not faced before; as well as experience professional and personal doubts, fears, a sense of loneliness, the emotional and psychological issues that the burden of command can bring.

In such times, even CEO’s and fellow ‘C’ suite executives can benefit from mentoring, drawing upon the seasoned, rich and rewarding counsel which the expertise and experience of their peers can provide. Recent research has consolidated the immense value to executive’s professional and personal lives that such successful mentoring relationships can bring, and so it is important that organisational and business leaders of all organisational shapes and sizes feel that they are not alone.

With organisations’ fates in their hands, it is mission critical that senior level executives are not only at their best, but have the space and opportunity to not only critically reflect and explore,  but have their ideas, thinking, strategies and thoughts rigorously, robustly but constructively challenged, critiqued, nudged and nurtured. The ability and opportunity to draw upon wisdom, expertise, experience and counsel from outside your organisation with peers who are neither paymasters or stakeholders, not be afraid acknowledge gaps in knowledge or experience, weaknesses or have to put up a show or front is invaluable.

The Saif Club

We run the Saif Club, a specialist forum for senior organisational and business leaders internationally.

The ‘club’ provides an opportunity for members to engage and share with each other, meet and make new contacts and network, attend talks by external and internal speakers, and enjoy a range of outstanding social occasions, intelligent company and conversation, all in exclusive and elegant surroundings.

The 'O' Group

The ‘O’ Group is a specialist club and forum for organisational leaders which is focused on sharing knowledge, expertise and experience in support of organisational and business design, development, innovation and growth.

The ‘O’ Group has a specialist special SME business owners sub group, designed to provide sole traders, micro, SME and family firms’ owners and leaders with opportunities to access knowledge, expertise and experience, as well as engage and share with each other, meet and make new contacts and network.

The Group combines its practical and pragmatic organisational and business focus with an opportunity to also enjoy a range of outstanding social occasions, intelligent company and conversation, all in exclusive and elegant surroundings.

It is against this backdrop that we like to provide executive mentoring which is perhaps a wee different.

Firstly, we recognise that executive mentoring is quite simply a privilege, which not only has a special nature, but requires a special understanding, modus operandi and is a live, iterative process which ultimately can significantly boost one’s self belief, confidence and performance.

Secondly, what is better than the trusted wise counsel provided by an experienced peer? Well, how about two seasoned peers, perhaps a decade or more senior than you, with the credibility of extensive international, senior level expertise and experience who can share, sometimes quite literally, their war stories, providing specific, contextualised, timely and bespoke counsel in a confidential manner.

As well as two mentors, there is the potential access to our network of senior level contacts.

Thirdly, we understand what both the intimate nature of executive mentoring, as well as the potential mutual opportunities to nurture truly rewarding and reciprocal relationships and develop respected and deep personal friendships and bonds. To that end, we see ourselves as professional matchmakers, and take great care to ensure not just that relationships are of deep match, but that the potential wider network of contacts and their insights and resources will add value.

We also often find that our mentors’ and network’s international, multidisciplinary, multi sector and oft combination of organisational, business and military knowledge, expertise and experience can be invaluable especially when clients are faced with diverse, complex and novel challenges

Finally, we like to encourage a ‘storytelling’ approach to executive mentoring, where participants can explore, discuss and constructively critique; sharing not just successes but disasters, failures and lessons learnt.

To achieve this we like to provide an appropriate surroundings and environment, where we can blend constructive, relaxed formality with the space and opportunity be at ease, genuinely be able to talk and also enjoy some suitable and refined and elegant hospitality. As such, we conduct a lot of our executive mentoring at elite and exclusive private member and business venues.

Our Executive Coaching and Mentoring Portfolio

Our portfolio of operational, consulting and advisory executive coaching and mentoring services encompass:

Coaching Programme Design

Competency Frameworks and Standards

Cross Cultural Awareness


Executive Coaching

Executive Mentoring

Leadership Coaching

Leading and Developing High Performance Cultures and Teams

Leadership Mentoring

Leading and Managing International Teams

Organisational Dynamics and Interpersonal Skills

Performance, Pedigree and Presence

Senior Leadership Teams’ Coaching

Senior Leadership Teams’ Mentoring

Succession Planning

Talent Management

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