Executive Services

Exclusive, elite and discrete VIP and executive concierge and support services designed by

senior executives and members of the international elite for their peers.

Business Concierge Services

VIP, executive, business and exclusive private client concierge services designedto reward your success

and make you feel empowered, enriched, fulfilled, valued and supported.

Business and Executive Concierge Services


Exclusive services designed to enable and empower

personal and professional lives; and provide enriching experiences

Holistic, integrated and co-ordinated services which support both professional and personal lifestyles and wellbeing.

Delivering high quality, reliable, discrete and professional services, bespoke and tailored for your unique organisational and personal requirements.

Take a SMARTER*, intelligent approach which seeks to optimise personal and professional lives and performance.

Executive and Business Concierge Services

International business concierge and executive support services have evolved in two important ways. Firstly, the clientele for such services has radically broadened; and secondly the nature and expectation of services has changed.

No longer the preserve of an elite VIP or international ‘C’ suite jet set, International business concierge and ‘executive’ support services are required as much by busy single parent business owners professionals, struggling to balance the demands of professional, personal and family lives, as they are by international fortune 500 CEO’s.

For organisations and businesses there is a plethora of research and figures which show how both individuals and organisations can significantly benefit from both attaining an effective work and life balance that is lifestyle and wellbeing focused. As well as saving themselves and the UK economy hundreds of millions of pounds a year, high impact professional executive and business concierge services directly contribute towards underwriting high-performance, efficient and cost-effective environments and cultures where personnel at organisational levels feel engaged, enriched, valued and supported. So from VIP and executive travel and enhanced opportunities for reward and recognition; through improved mental health, reduced absenteeism and non-productive time; to potentially preferred employer status and a reputation for excellence and duty of care; the business benefits can be significant.

Our executive and business concierge services’ mission objective is simple, to provide clients internationally with the peace of mind and calm that comes with the knowledge that your professional and personal lives fully, safely and securely supported through a suite of integrated, focused and added value services, delivered to the highest standards.

From a personal perspective, this means providing services and support which ultimately provide the time, space and opportunity to stand still, reflect, relax, recover; engage with and enjoy friends and family; enjoy enriching experiences and create new memories; and enhance mental health through a positive and work life balance.

From a business perspective, it is about enhancing, enabling and empowering the effectiveness, efficiency and success of clients’ professional lives, allowing them the time, space and opportunity to focus on their priorities, think, prepare as well as reward success.

Specialist VIP and

Executive Travel Services


We have extensive dedicated Middle and Far East executive and business concierge expertise and experience. Our countries expertise includes Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and The United Arab Emirates in the Gulf Region; as well as Brunei, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore in The Far East.

We support clients from those regions coming to The United Kingdom and Europe, as well as UK and European clients operating in The Middle and Far East.


For clients looking to explore or develop international business and new markets, we offer specialist overseas deployment services and advice. From country briefings, through medical and administrative support and advice, to travel, security, departure and arrival services, we ensure that you and your teams and personnel can embark on their new adventure fully prepared, confident and ready.


We bring to organisational clients of all shapes and sizes specialist consulting and advisory experience in supporting the development and delivery of high-performance employee engagement cultures, agendas and initiatives. Based around our extensive international strategic human capital, organisational design, development and dynamics and human resource business partnering expertise and experience, we promote a proprietary E5MCP framework, which looks to engage, enable, empower, enhance and enrich employee’s experience, fostering a motivated, committed and productive culture. Embedded within this framework are reward and recognition; compensation and benefits; and lifestyle and wellbeing building blocks.


Are you looking for something totally different and would like some ideas and support in making it happen? Perhaps you are searching for something special for a high-level reward and recognition winner or an exclusive place for a celebration dinner? Do you have senior level executives flying in from overseas who you want to really impress? Whatever your requirements, with our expertise, experience, contacts and access to elite and exclusive environments, we can are here to serve and support you.

Executive Services

Our executive concierge services are specifically designed for international executives by their peers and we bring to these services our personal and extensive international executive level expertise and experience who have intimate knowledge of the specialist requirements demanded and expected by such clients.  Such executive services help clients optimise their potential business success, performance and rewards through a SMARTER, intelligent approach, which helps assure that they are prepared for can proactively respond to the numerous demands made by various stakeholders and parties, whether on home or international duties; as well as conduct their international business in a constructive, engaging and as pleasurable and enriching a manner as possible.

Business Concierge Services

Our business concierge services offer organisations and personnel at every level a broader and comprehensive suite of personal, professional, lifestyle and wellbeing services, all designed to help assure high impact organisational, and business performance, effectiveness and efficiency. We look to achieve this by helping clients develop corporate cultures where personnel feel empowered, enriched, fulfilled, valued and supported; operational; a work life balance that is as harmonious as possible; and organisations can focus on their priorities and what is important to them, rather than worry about and divert resources to more ancillary functions.

Our Executive and Business Concierge Portfolio

Our executive and business concierge suite of operational, consulting and advisory services encompass:

Business Concierge

Business Etiquette

Close Protection

Cultural Awareness

Country Inductions and Orientation

Country Intelligence and Briefings

Corporate Travel Management

Executive Assistant and Private Secretary

Executive Transportation and Travel Management

International In Country Life and Resettlement Support

International In Country Business and Operational Support

International Overseas Deployment Management

Languages and Translation

Lifestyle Management Services

Personal Security Awareness and Training

Regional Intelligence and Briefings

Security and Safety Management

VIP Travel Management


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