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Developing the specialist business communications and language skills to enhance individual and organisational performance.

Engaging, Enriching, Empowering

Our language services are designed to engage, empower and enrich – fully harnessing the potential strength of diversity.

English Language Training Services


For Specialist Academic, Training, Occupational and Professional Purposes

Specialist language and business communications’ services designed to enable and empower performance, productivity and competitive advantage, and enrich personal and professional lives.

Specialist academic, business, technical, occupational and professional focused English language services to support executives, professionals and graduates internationally, empowering them with the confidence, knowledge and skills to successfully connect with their peers internationally and develop richer and rewarding and corporate and personal relationships.

Providing clients internationally with an outstanding suite of bespoke, added value language, communication and cultural intelligence-based services to optimise organisational and operational success.

Delivering The Capability To Operate Internationally

For the modern professional overseas operations, collaborating and working with international teams, talent and clients is a normal business and organisational occurrence. In such environments, even just the ability to greet another person in their native language can have a positive impact.

Being able to understand and respond to such people in their own language is not only personally enriching and rewarding, but also builds and strengthens cultural awareness and understanding; interpersonal and business relationships, empathy, connection and trust; and so can play a powerful role in successfully conducting business and boosting operational performance internationally.

Our languages and cultural intelligence services are designed to not only add value to corporate, business and professional clients, but to be business and commercially focused and provide pragmatically support to enable successful business development, capture and delivery through both language acquisition, development and competency as well as cultural awareness. understanding and socialisation.

Engaging. Empowering. Enriching

Personal and Professional Lives

Our suite of language and cultural intelligence services are focused on four core pillars:

  • English for Specialist Training, Occupational and Professional Purposes
  • Higher end English for Academic Purposes and examination preparation
  • Second language acquisition and development
  • Cultural intelligence and awareness.

Like all our private and professional services, our English language training and development takes a SMARTER, intelligent, flexible approach that looks to engage, enable, empower and enrich professional lives, providing clients with the English language knowledge and skills to be able to confidently and effectively work with their international peers.

With over three decades international multidisciplinary and multi sector expertise and experience, we deliver added value and high impact teaching, training and development excellence.

English for Specialist Training, Occupational and Professional Purposes

For organisational and private professional clients alike, we focus on upon English for specialist training, occupational and professional purposes, with the mission objective of supporting and enhancing organisational, business and personal professional training, development, performance and productivity through a language and communications focus.

We offer both private professional and organisational clients an exceptional portfolio of specialist multidisciplinary sector and professional disciplines, from military and aviation, through medical and law, to general and specialist business.

Executive and Business English

We provide executives, leaders, managers and business graduates international with a specialist suite of English for Business services, ranging from specialist graduate and post graduate academic business English support, through specialist business functions’ English language support, to specialist executive level English language support.

Specialist Programmes and Courses

We offer executives, professional and graduates a suite of specialist programmes and courses, which include:

  • Extended UK, European., GCC and Far East programmes – typically 4 to 12 weeks
  • Specialist professional study tours – UK, Europe
  • Combination programmes and courses

English for Academic Purposes

We provide client internationally with two suites of specialist English for academic purposes training and development services.

The first is specialist IELTS Academic examination preparation, for graduate and work-based clients.

The second is specialist occupational and professional examination preparation, such as aviation, medical, nursing and healthcare.

These unique programmes and courses offer executives, professional and graduate clients exceptional added value through the opportunity to combine specialist English language training with a selection of executive and professional training, learning and development; opportunities to visit professional and business locations as well as attend special talks, lectures and networking events; as well as enhanced opportunities for enjoy rewarding and enriching high end heritage, leisure, tourism and cultural experiences and adventures.

A choice of English language, executive and professional options allows individuals and groups to devise bespoke and tailored learning and development.


To complement our specialist English language training services, we provide clients internationally with a range of language acquisition and development as well as translation and interpretation services, focused on key languages used in international business and operations.

Our languages’ training portfolio encompasses:

  • Arabic
  • French
  • German
  • Hindi
  • Japanese
  • Mandarin
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish


We deliver for clients internationally specialist English language teacher and instructor training, development and INSET, benchmarked against and aligned to leading edge UK academic and professional bodies’ competency standards, such as Cambridge. Such teacher training and development has a specialist focus on delivering English for specialist academic, training, occupational and purposes; as well as specialist sector and disciplinary delivery, such as oil and gas, aviation, military, technical and business.

We also have specialist expertise and experience in working with Middle and Far Eastern based teachers and instructors.


We offer private and organisational clients internationally a series of flexible delivery options, which include:

  • Bespoke in-house English language training
  • Extended executive, professional and occupational programmes and courses
  • Short intensive executive, professional and occupational programmes and courses
  • IELTS examination programmes and courses
  • Specialist examination programmes and courses
  • Executive, professional and graduate micro groups
  • Executive, professional and graduate one on one
  • Executive, professional and graduate combination courses
  • Webinar and video conferencing-based programmes, courses and one on one
  • Blended learning and online support
  • Telephone / Skype / video conferencing support

Programmes and courses are delivered in elite and exclusive venues in London, Edinburgh, and across England and Scotland; as well as in selected European, Middle and Far Eastern locations – from Cyprus, Malta, Paris and Berlin to Muscat and Singapore.


As well as providing English language training and teacher training services, we also provide clients internationally with English language medium operational support services, such as translation and interpretation; as well as proof reading, editing, copy writing and publishing.

We have specialist expertise and experience in providing English language medium support services to European, Middle and Far Eastern clients, in areas such as business; specialist functions and disciplines; public relations, marketing and communications; specialist operational support for executives, leaders and managers; as well as graduate and post graduate support, for example with respect to dissertations and thesis.

We also have specialist expertise and experience in supporting sole traders, micro, SME and family firm clients internationally who require English language medium support.

Our English Language Operational, Support and Training Portfolio

Our suite of specialist English language, business communications and languages’ training, operational, advisory and consulting services encompass:

Our Business and Communications English Langauge Services’ Portfolio

Business Communications and Correspondence Skills

Business and Technical Writing

Copy Writing

Desktop Publishing and Printing

Editing and Proofreading

In Country Language and Interpreter Services

Interpersonal Business Skills

Marketing, Communications and PR’s

Organizational and Business Documentation

Publishing Services

Soft and Transferable Skills

Speech Writing

Translation Services

Voiceover and Commentary

Our Portfolio of Training, Occupational and Professional English Langauge Trainng

English  for …….

Aviation – Pilots and Air Traffic Control

Aviation – Cabin Crew

Aviation – Fire and Emergency Response


Business and Commerce

Banking and Finance

Computing and Information Technology


Customer Service


English  for …….




Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

Environmental Sciences


Human Resources


Leisure, Tourism and Hospitality


English  for …….



Oil, Gas and Energy

Policing, Law Enforcement and Security


Sailing and Cruising

Sales and Marketing

Security and Crisis Management

Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths


Our Portfolio of English Language Teacher and Instructor Training

Advanced English language training development

Bespoke In house INSET, teacher and trainer development options

English language trainer and instructor training

English for specialist academic purposes delivery

English for specialist examination purposes delivery

English for specialist technical, occupational and professional purposes delivery

Specialist interest areas

Specialist professional teaching skills areas

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