Healthy Competitive Edge and Future Planning

Accounting and bookkeeping services designed to help assure financial stability and health today,

effective planning for the future; and competitive advantage.


Accounting and Bookkeeping Services


Accounting Resilience Today and Tomorrow


From Operational To Forensic Accounting Services

Comprehensive Support

A Comprehensive Suite of Professional Accounting, Bookkeeping, Advisory and Related Services


From traditional to cloud bookkeeping services

Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

We provide clients internationally with a comprehensive suite of professional accounting, bookkeeping and advisory services designed to help assure your business and organisational financial health and stability both today and tomorrow; reduce and mitigate financial risk; and through our best practice and leading edge accounting and bookkeeping services be able to enhance your performance, profitability and competitive advantage.

Through our auditing and advisory services we are also able to help assure that organisations have in place best practice cultures, frameworks and systems; as well as comply with appropriate UK, European and international standards.

We have particular expertise and experience in supporting UK organisations and firms who currently or seek to establish international operations; as well as international clients looking to operate in UK and Europe.

Carruthers Associates also has specialist expertise and experience in providing accounting and bookkeeping services to sole traders, micro businesses, SME’s and family firms.


We offer clients internationally a range of integrated, standalone and added value accounting, bookkeeping and related monthly, annual and subscription based service packages. These include:


  • Bronze Level Business Package
  • Silver Level Business Package
  • Gold level Business Package
  • Platinum Level Business package


  • Auditing
  • Accounting
  • Bookkeeping
  • Company Secretarial
  • Financial and Management Accounts
  • HMRC Compliance
  • Payroll

We can also put together a bespoke and tailored suite of managed and outsources services for clients.


We offer clients internationally a series of business and financial intelligence subscription services, through which clients receive weekly, monthly and specialist business and financial as well as general UK, European and intenrational news, intelligence, analysis and briefings, guides, papers, news and updates,

Subscription services are available a; four levels:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum

Our Accounting and Bookkeeping Portfolio

Our accounting and bookkeeping operational, consulting and advisory services encompass:




Business Advisory, Coaching and Mentoring

Business Insurance Advisory

Business Planning and Strategy

Company Secretarial Corporate Financial Management

Company Secretarial

Financial Reporting

Financial Risk Intelligence, Analysis and Management

Forensic Accounting

Governance and Compliance

HMRC Compliance

International Operations


Software Advisory

Start-up Services

UK and European Financial Advisory and Intelligence

UK and European Finance and Employment Governance, Compliance and Advisory

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Delivering Bespoke Private Client and Professional Services

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