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Cultural intelligence and literacy enables, empowers, enhances and enriches both organisations and individuals.

Cultural Intelligence Services


Enriching Lives Through Diversity and Integration


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Cultural Intelligence Services

A lack of global perspective, cultural awareness, understanding and experience, and a lack of second language ability, are costing businesses of all shapes and sizes millions in lost revenue generation. The issues go deeper, however. From leading and managing multinational teams, to recruiting and retaining diverse talent, many organisations fail to fulfil their full potential through a lack of cultural intelligence.

From obvious barriers such as language; through understanding social and religious contexts, environments and issues; to understanding collective and individualistic cultures, social and business rules and etiquette and issues of respect, face, power and distance, overcoming cultural barriers and developing cultural intelligence can reap real dividends.

And it is not just smaller firms that face potential cultural problems when development overseas markets. Microsoft in India, McDonalds in China, Hollywood with respect to Buddha, Big Brother in The Middle East and Walmart’s efforts to move into Germany are just a sample of organisations which have faced financial and business loss due to their lack of cultural intelligence.

Whether it be for a short project or interim assignment, or a long-term deployment, from both organisational and personal perspectives, settling into new countries, cultures and environments as quickly as possible is hugely beneficial. Facilitating this through pre deployment and in country cultural awareness and understanding training and life support can enormously useful in helping speed up and consolidate this process.

Likewise, for leaders and managers, understanding how to build, lead, manage and develop multinational, diverse teams in a best international practise manner can significantly enhance operational performance and productivity.

Finally, cultural awareness, integration and immersion can be boosted through language, whether it be just a few words or local fluency.


Implementing clear strategic and operational cultural intelligence agendas and initiatives can reap rich organisational and personal rewards.

In the modern global business environment, diversity, inclusivity and cultural understanding are key pillars upon which sustainable organisational excellence, high -performance and success can be based. They must however be framed within a cultural intelligence and literacy paradigm. This is because cultural intelligence is a multiplier for potential success and competitive advantage by serving as a catalyst for managing difference and diversity through enhancing empathy for and understanding of difference; as well as being able to engage with and harness that difference to enhance performance, productivity and innovation.

The value of cultural intelligence is reflected in research that shows that ninety percent of leading executives from sixty-eight countries identify cross-cultural skills as one of the most important capabilities needed in remaining competitive.

Some obvious benefits of the effective implementation of high impact cultural intelligence strategies, agendas and initiatives include:


  • Facilitates international business authoring, development, capture and delivery
  • Enhances quality by understanding national and local impact factors on services and goods
  • Reduces risk of operational failure
  • Enhances operational resilience, effectiveness and efficiency
  • Enhances people and talent by being able to draw on a global pool
  • Enhances organisational reputation and prestige
  • Enhances multinational team leadership and performance.


Establishing high performance multinational and diverse cultures and teams has huge benefits, but a will and desire is not enough. To be successful, organisations must proactively engineer success, proactively authoring, developing and driving people, talent and leadership strategies, agendas and initiatives which deliver these benefits.

Internationally, we have seen and helped resolve myriad issues and challenges faced by organisations in attempting to develop successful multi-national and overseas high-performance teams and operations.

Seven of the more common challenges and issues faced by organisations of all shape sand sizes include:

  • A lack of voice, the result of different social behaviours and values, as well as personal and professional outlooks
  • People feeling like isolated outsiders and not integrating into organisations, teams and cultures
  • Prejudice and cultural stereotyping, even if inbuilt and executed unknowingly, unconsciously, unintentionally and unthreateningly
  • Miscommunication, across language and cultures
  • Lack of operational deployment, life bureaucratic and administrative support, especially for personnel arriving in a new country for the first time
  • Lack of personal, professional, social and business etiquette awareness
  • Conflicting social and working styles, approaches, behaviours and expectations.


Addressing such issues requires a SMARTER*, intelligent and co-ordinated approach; so why not see if we can bring our expertise and experience to serve and support you in successfully building and developing culturally intelligent organisations.

Achieving Potential. Enhancing Performance.

Our cultural intelligence services’ mission objective is to help organisations and businesses to optimise their international and in country operations and performance, and so fulfil their potential, through assuring that they have the appropriate cultural and language skills.

By fostering high performance cultural intelligence and awareness cultures across all organisational levels, we help organisations and business of all shapes and sizes successfully achieve their international strategic and operational objectives by successfully addressing and meeting cultural and language based operational deployment and wider business issues, concerns and challenges.

We bring to clients our extensive international expertise, experience, intelligence and insight, drawn from our expatriate pedigree of having lived, worked and led organisations internationally, especially across the Europe, The Middle and Far East, across generations

We take a SMARTER, intelligent approach, which blends our specialist cultural, organisational, business, language and education and development expertise and experience, providing bespoke services and solutions which enrich, enable and empower your organisational and personal international adventure.


Fostering Friendships, Enriching Communities

and Developing Socially Constructive Business

We focus on helping assure that:

Cross cultural communications and understanding is enhanced

Organisations and people understand the national and local cultural contexts and environments within which they operate

Organisations empower and boost their performance and enrich their culture and community through proactively diversity and integration strategies which enable a shared perspective and bond

Organisational leadership fosters the full potential of multinational teams, wherever they are deployed

The broader communities within which organisations operate benefit from the fostering of cross-cultural relations and friendship.

Our Cultural Intelligence Portfolio

Our cultural intelligence portfolio of operational, consulting and advisory services encompass:

Business Communications and Correspondence

Business Etiquette

Country Deployment Briefings and Orientation

Country Intelligence and Briefings

Cross Cultural Awareness and Understanding

Diversity Awareness and Understanding

International In Country Initial Arrival Support

International In Country Life And Settlement Support


Leading and Managing Multinational Teams

Product and Services Development Cultural Intelligence

Regional Intelligence and Briefings

Training and Development

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