On this, international Women’s Day, we say to all women who have set up and run their own businesses, from Solopreneur and micro firms to large SME’s, we salute you.

SME’s are the backbone of the UK economy and the more people who have the courage and resilience to setup and successfully run SME’s, the better for the UK and her economy.

It is encouraging therefore that fresh research from Small Business Britain suggests that one in five women are considering establishing their own business in 2021. In a poll of 1,000 UK females, found more than a third wanted to start a business as a secondary or side-line activity to supplement their current incomes; whilst 10 per cent have decided to go straight into the deep end and start-up a business as a result of a job loss.

Consolidating this, SME insurer Simply Business’ analysis of 500,000 small businesses show that female owned businesses setups are rising at a faster rate – 18% since 2017 – as compared to 14% for men. Further, according to Simply Business, female-owned SMEs now account for almost 30% of all SME’s in the UK.

Good luck to all.